Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WWE Main Event 6/26/2013 Results and Review

WWE Main Event 6/26/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Chris Jericho vs Cody Rhodes

Jericho won with a Walls of Jericho. Good match as expected. They just matched really well, kept it moving and worked a good match. Cody poked Jericho early in the eye and they worked that throughout the whole match, if you can believe it. Jericho held his eye and tried to keep it shut as Cody worked it in different ways. The camera's were also very good here and really brought us into the action with some good commentary. Rating:***1/4

Zeb Coulter ripped on the Gamecocks and the Dublin Street Fight and Fiesta Del Rio on Smackdown. He said they shouldn't be saying those things since we are in USA. He also ripped on waiters at restaurants and said anyone who doesn't understand English should leave America.

Cesaro said he is the personification of the American dream and came here the right way, on his own. Zeb said they'd take the country back.

Dean Ambrose vs Christian

Christian won by DQ when The Shield interfered. Quick match here that was good until the run-in. Ambrose got his neck whiplashed on the ropes from behind and it didn't look like a fun bump. The Uso's came in to even things up.

The Prime Time Players vs Tons of Funk

Jo-Jo Offerman
Jo-Jo Offerman

Jo-Jo Offerman

Who was the girl with Tons of Funk? Jo-Jo Offerman of WWE Total Divas sang the theme song for Tons of Funk with Naomi and Cameron. They should stick to dancing as they are good at that but awful at singing.

Titus got the win after DY pushed Clay's head into the ringpost, then held Clay's leg down on the Titus pin. The match was what it was and thankfully was short. The big news as I mentioned above is Jo Jo Offerman debuting on WWE TV. She will be a part of WWE Total Divas so they had her here. Why? No idea.

Overall thoughts: Jericho/Rhodes was very good and Christian/Ambrose was fine before the DQ. Jo Jo Offerman also made her debut in what was a good episode of Main Event

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