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CHIKARA Anniversario: Never Compromise Results and Review

CHIKARA Anniversario: Never Compromise Results and Review

Welcome to my CHIKARA Anniversario: Never Compromise results. This is the first time I've ever ordered an iPPV, so I am a little cautious, but I hope this works out.

Chikara has done a fantastic job with the build-up to this show and with creating interest. Everyone is expecting something big to happen, but nobody knows what it will be. We've heard many various rumors that the company is closing, a new heel group is forming, new promotions are forming,  Archibald Peck is going to send Chikara into some kind of warp and so on. In a few short hours, we will know the fate of Chikara and I'm excited.

Chikara Freeview A-Go-Go Preshow
Scarlett Bourdeaux is the host.
We got a video of the Devastation Corporation beating up The Ants and a video on the Corp.

The Corp's manager cut a promo saying his boys jobs tonight are to destroy. The feed went out so I missed the rest.
We got various clips of Donst beating up Gavin in a vid for their match.
Scarlett shilled the show and we saw some clips of The Pieces of Hate.

Preshow - Saturyne vs "Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti

Angelosetti pinned Saturyne after she hit a super hurricanrana and he reversed it into a pin. Strong match here. These two work so well together. Touchdown constantly overpowered her and threw her around with her coming back with reversals and kicks. The crowd loved it and I did too. They worked at a great pace and really brought it. Angelosetti is a stud. Afterwards, Dasher shook hands with Saturyne and Touchdown wasn't happy. Rating:***1/2

The pre-show ended and there's about a 8 minute wait before the main show. They said there are people from 42 countries ordering this. Way to go Chikara.

Main Show

Gavin introduced us to the show and the crowd is hot.
Gavin said Chikara never compromises and the intro video played.

The Spectral Envoy - Hallowicked, Ultramantis Black and Frightmare vs The Colony: Xtreme Force - Missile Assault Ant, Arctic Rescue Ant and Orbit Adventure Ant

The Envoy won with the Chikara Special. This was good but had some rough points. They waited too long on the double team move above and it took forever. The ants were really amusing and I loved how they laid on the ropes so their guys could walk up on them. Frightmare nuked one of the ants with a Last Falconry.

Dasher Hatfield vs Delirious

Delirious won this with a Shadows Over Hell after Kobald interfered and speaed Dasher. The match wasn't bad. Delirious controlled most of this until Dasher got his big comeback near the end. He stalled a little and had Delirious in the corner with the ref's back turned and that's where Kobald ran in.

They showed clips of the Devastation Corporation beating up the Ants.

The Devastation Corporation vs The Colony - assailANT, Fire Ant and Green Ant

Fire Ant got gorilla pressed off the stage onto wrestlers.

Green Ant got the win with a Texas Cloverleaf. Great match here. The crowd was on fire and they pulled out the big spots. Fire ant got gorilla pressed to the ground, Green Ant jumped off the balcony, the Ant's did a huge throw of the ant into a dive, one of the heels got thrown on his head, the dives were cool and this was just great. Loved this one. Rating:***3/4

 Sarcophagus Match - Amasis vs Ophidian

No DQ's, No Countouts and the only way to win is when "one soul is sucked inside the sarcophagus and the door is shut".

Ophidian hit a Canadian Destroyer on the casket lid.

Kobald took a backdrop down the steps.

This was a long and an odd one. Near the end Ophidian took off his mask to reveal an Amasis mask and Amasis put him in the coffin. The match was around 30 minutes long and was good at times but too long. Kobald interfered until he got put out. Amasis sold his knee for most of this match and near the end, Ophidian hypnotized him. Amasis walked into the coffin but then woke up near the end, powered up, took off Oph's mask and put him in. One big problem with this match was that it was too dark near the coffin and anything involving it was impossible to see. The biggest highlight of this match was Amasis eating a Canadian Destroyer on the coffin lid, but it was hard to see.

They replayed the Icarus promo from the recent updates and showed the recent podcast-a-go-go. This is intermission.

Hair vs Hair - Tim Donst vs Gavin Loudspeaker 

Jakob Hammermeier refused to cut Gavin's hair and nailed Donst to turn on him!

Gavin Loudspeaker beat Tim Donst with a superplex! Decent match here. Donst beat up his own crew. Jakob turned on Donst and nailed him and from there, it was all Gavin as he hit superplex and took the win. This was short and Gavin mostly took a beating.
Veronica and Steven The Turtle Weiner then turned on Donst. Veronica slapped him.

Donst then shaved his own head. He completely missed the back though. Gavin had to be carried out.

Derek Sabato came out, told us to follow them on twitter and talked about releasing pictures. Wink then came out and got the refs to kick him out. He said he had dirt on Wink.

Campeonatos de Parejas - 2/3 Falls - 3.0 vs Pieces of Hate - Jigsaw and The Shard

Shard got the 1st fall with a roll-up after a Jigsaw enzugiri in a quick fall.

2nd Fall

 Shard went after 3.0 right after the 1st ended.

3.0 got the second fall with a double team codebreaker on Shard.

The Pieces of Hate won when Shard put a grounded anklelock on Magic. Good match here that the crowd loved. They went through it pretty fast. The highlights were 3.0 taking a Jig'n'Tonic and Jigsaw taking a side effect on the apron. Most of the match was built around Shard working Magic's ankle with an ankle lock.Rating:***

CHIKARA Grand Championship - Eddie Kingston vs Icarus

Icarus wore Marty Jannetty's old WWF outfit.

Icarus reserved a chair at ringside for Marty Jannetty. The announcers thought he wasn't there.

The crowd was split but the announcers were doing a super hard sell for Icarus.

This went to a no contest. All of a sudden out of nowhere, people in black shirts took away everyone in the ring. They took the stage down and Wink waved his arms. Then the show just faded to black. The match was really good and deserved a finish but there was none. The ending was very weird and left me mad because I paid money to see the main event and there was no finish. I'm sure its for some long term storyline or something but this ending sucked. The thing is, I paid TODAY to see  the bigger storyline and I'm not going to pay NEXT TIME.

Overall thoughts: Good show marred by a bad ending. I didn't get the ending at all and I'm just telling you now, I am not paying to find out. It was a nice middle finger to the fanbase.

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  1. well, if CHIKARA is finished, then that was kinda a fitting ending for everything. but at the same time, it was my favourite and most delightful promotion in the world and I'm so sad again now after reading this review X'(