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WWE NXT 5/22/2013 Results and Review

WWE NXT 5/22/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Curt Hawkins vs Sami Zayn
This is the Sami Zayn's debut. Sami Zayn is El Generico from various wrestling indies.

Sami Zayn won with a run up the ropes tornado DDT. Sami Zayn looked good here in his debut. He is a natural face and comes across as really like able. He is also now able to show some facials that he might have not been able to show before. It is weird to see him without the mask and honestly, I think he is better with the mask as it just adds more to him. I'm not sure why they debuted him against Curt Hawkins when one of his best opponents is on the roster(Adrian Neville) and others like Antonio Cesaro are available as well, but this is WWE. The crowd liked Zayn but I didn't think he got to show enough off her. Hawkins controlled most of this and Hawkins is no Sami Zayn. The announcers put Zayn and his finisher over though.

We got a video package on Corey Graves talking about his tattoos. I swear, there was a time when he used to wrestle when he only had one.

"I'm not here to make a mark, I'm here to leave a scar." - Corey Graves
Antonio Cesaro vs Yoshi Tatsu

"Antonio Cesaro was in the Swiss Army so he's entitled to wear the beret of the Swiss Army." - William Regal

Antonio Cesaro won with a Neutralizer in about a minute. This was a complete waste of both wrestlers and I seriously have no idea why this was on the show when it could have been on any edition of Main Event or Superstars and would have fit fine there.

Antonio Cesaro said this was a waste of his talent and questioned if this was the best they could get him. He said he was the best until Sami Zayn interrupted!

"If it's competition you're looking for, it's competition you're gonna get, homeboy." - Sami Zayn
Sami Zayn mocked Cesaro's ability to speak five languages and said he couldn't speak Arabic. He challenged him and said he was competition.

Sami Zayn vs Antonio Cesaro

"We may see one of the greatest one on one matches we've ever seen here on NXT." - William Regal | "To the international fans who watch this show, which is in the millions, this isn't happening." - William Regal

Sami Zayn beat Antonio Cesaro with a cradle off of a deadlift suplex reversal. Good match here. You have to give credit to WWE for booking this and booking something a lot of people would have wanted to see. Really good job too with them putting over Sami Zayn. They have already established him in his first appearance and it is clear the WWE has big plans for him. As usual, these two matched up well. Sami sold well and Antonio looked impressive as always. I loved Cesaro's uppercut into the corner and Sami's armdrag off the ropes was nice too. Fun stuff here and WWE couldn't have done this any better. Way to go WWE. Rating:***

Antonio Cesaro beat up Sami Zayn after and gave him a Neutralizer, which gives me hope that we will see more of this feud.
 Audrey Marie was supposed to be interviewed, then Emma came out. Audrey Marie has since been fired.
"It's okay, Amy, don't be sorry." - Emma | "Audrey Marie." - Audrey Marie | "No no, Alicia, it's okay." - Emma

"I know you're a little stressed out. This always helps me." - Emma | "Nobody likes your stupid dance." - Audrey Marie
"Get out, or I'll take you out." - Audrey Marie | "You wanna take me out. Can we go eat? Cuz I'm like starving. I didn't even have lunch before." - Emma
"Oh My God, you've got to be kidding me. What is she..." - Audrey Marie

10 million stars for this segment. This was hilarious and awesome. Emma is perfect. Audrey Marie was good here too and she really looked like Stephanie McMahon.

We got a Bray Wyatt package.

Enzo Amore vs Mason Ryan

"My name is Enzo Amore and I am a certified G and a bonafide star." - Enzo Amore
"Everybodies a G until a real G walks into the room." - Enzo Amore
"Bada boom." - Enzo Amore

Mason Ryan won with a backbreaker into a neckbreaker. Good squash here. Mason looked a lot like Batista used to look and was aggressive and was a star here. He stiffed Enzo Amore and looked great doing so. Enzo Amore was good too as your douchebag New Jersey tough guy. He has some charisma to him and will be one to watch. Nice squash.

Corey Graves vs Bray Wyatt

"Stay down, stupid." - Corey Graves | "Sometimes it's far better to be feared than respected." - William Regal

Bray Wyatt won with a reverse STO. Good match here. The crowd was into this and both guys looked good. I loved Bray's very stiff low cross body and the kicking that you seem above was pretty cool too. The Family interfered when Graves hit the 13th Step/Lucky 13 and Bray hit his finisher from there.

Kassius Ohno jumped in after and tried to get revenge but The Wyatt Family hit him with a lariat and the reverse STO to put him down.

Overall thoughts: This was an awesome NXT and certainly one of the best NXT's ever. This show really had it all with debuts, good matches, good interviews and awesome characters. NXT is really loaded right now and has everything you could want from a wrestling show and I can honestly say that I can't wait for next week's show. Zayn/Cesaro was very good, Emma was hilarious and I really liked the Mason Ryan squash. Great show.

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