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WWE Main Event 5/1/2013 Results and Review

WWE Main Event 5/1/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Antonio Cesaro was wearing a beret and said Kofi Kingston stole his title from him and the people took his dignity away. He said he would win with his strength and tenacity tonight.

United States Title - Kofi Kingston vs Antonio Cesaro
Antonio Cesaro with a commando look with sunglasses and a beret.

Early on Kofi did a Cung Le San-Shou leg takedown on Cesaro and Cesaro caught Kofi in a wheelbarrow position and then tossed him up and put him down on his stomach.
Kofi Kingston got a win with a surprise Trouble in Paradise to the back of Cesaro's head. This one went around 24 minutes. It was a great match too. Cesaro was even better than usual and even had the announcers marking out during the match. He was just great here. He caught Kofi off of a springboard twisting crossbody, hit a really great dropkick, tossed him around and stomped him good. Really epic performance here by Cesaro and I think it is pretty obvious that he is the best wrestler in the WWE and probably Top 5 to Top 10 in the world. This was a strong match with Cesaro mostly in control and really working Kofi's leg hard. The finish was a little sudden but it was better that way as it didn't ruin any of Cesaro's leg work. Rating:****

Kofi Kingston was interviewed by Matt Striker after. He said his year started off bad but it's good now since he's the US champ and he just had a son. He said Daddy is coming home the champ.

"You don't take from Antonio Cesaro. Antonio Cesaro takes from you."

Antonio Cesaro jumped Kofi Kingston in the back. Like always, pipes fell down. Who keeps putting up these pipes? In a cool moment, Cesaro pinned Kofi Kingston down with a production box and then ripped a braid of his hair out.

Justin Gabriel vs Heath Slater
Justin Gabriel won with the 450 in a good match. Slater did a top rope bodyslam on Gabriel and was pretty good in his role here. Gabriel flew around and showed some charisma in a good outing. Rating:***

Overall thoughts: Great edition of Main Event with one great match and a good second match. Check this one out!

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