Wednesday, October 24, 2012

World of Sport - Sammy Lee (Tiger Mask) vs Jim Breaks - 7/18/1981

World of Sport - Sammy Lee vs Jim Breaks - 7/18/1981
The finish of the first fall
Breaks then got the second fall soon after by pulling Sammy by his hair and then pinning him.
The finish for the third fall
Sammy Lee beat Jim Breaks with a flurry then a pin. Really good match here. Sammy was flying around and striking faster than I could see it. Breaks as a great opponent for him too being a slimy little heel. Sammy was a perfect fit for WoS and really stood out as something special here and the best part is, I know I didn't even see half of what he could be since the match was so short at 13 minutes. Make sure to check this out because it is one of my favorite matches. Rating:***3/4

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