Wednesday, October 10, 2012

RINGS 10/22/1994 - Volk Han vs Andrei Kopylov

RINGS 10/22/1994 - Volk Han vs Andrei Kopylov
ヴォルク・ハン vs アンドレイ・コピィロフ
Volk Han is from Russia, 190cm, 107kg, and is known as "The Russian Wolf Sorcerer" and "The Man of 1,000 Holds".
Andrei Kopylov is from Russia, 188cm, 120kg and is know as "The Russian Sambo Master" and "The Sanbisuto Reaper".
Andrei Kopylov uses one of his rope escapes to get out of the move above.
Nice escape by Andrei Kopylov
Gotta love a nice bodyslam on the FACE
The finish
Andrei Kopylov beat Volkhan with an armlock. The armlock was really cool because Volk Han's arm was trapped in between his two legs and Kopylov laid on top of the legs and pulled the arm to win. This match was awesome. They hit some sick slaps and the submission work here was unbelieveable. So many really cool reversals and sweet moves that are practical and neat. The crowd was hot and they both worked at a quick pace with nice selling. Awesome match. Rating:***3/4

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