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Oz Academy 264 - Shinjuku FACE Time After Time - 9/22/2012 Review

Oz Academy 264 - Shinjuku FACE Time After Time - 9/22/2012 Review

Manami Toyota vs Nao Komatsu
Manami Toyota beat Nao Komatsu with a moonsault at 12:45. What they showed was bad. Nao has gained weight and still sucks. Toyota has also gained some weight. Nao's cheering section tried but they were the only ones who gave a crap. Anyone watching this knew the result thereby making this a gigantic waist of time. The size difference here was huge and made this completely unbelieveable, along with Nao's lack of viable offense. Rating: Dud

Tsubasa Kuragaki vs Yumi Ohka
Mika Nishio blatantly interferes and nothing is done about it.
The Metal Wing - The Finish
Tsubasa Kuragaki beat Yumi Ohka with a Metal Wing. This match would have been 100x better in any other promotion. JWP? No doubt about it. WAVE? Certainly. STARDOM? Yep. Undercard of some men's show? Probably. OZ? Nope. The crowd was dead for this. The interfering was stupid and blatant. This should and could have been the main event of a show but it got stuck in the midcard here and blew. This had everything working against it and it paid the price. A shame too as this could have been a nice main event, especially since this is a fresh match and both are main event talents. Rating:*

Tomoka Nakagawa and Carlos Amano vs Sonoko Kato and Aja Kong
Sonoko Kato beat Carlos Amano with a crown's gate in another bad match. They went the comedy and no selling route so I'm going the *1/2 rating route.

Hiroyo Matsumoto vs Ran Yu-Yu
Ran Yu-Yu hits a Fire Valley for the win
Ran Yu-Yu beat Hiroyo Matsumoto with a Fire Valley. Another not good match. At one point Ran got missle dropkicked then laughed. The heat was non-existant here and I really think Ran has lost a step. Sucks to be Hiroyo as she lost to a girl who is retiring and now it makes two losses straight. Not good and totally skipable. Rating:*

Ayumi Kurihara and AKINO vs Chikayo Nagashima and Mayumi Ozaki
I'm predicting a bad match here with tons of interference.
Chikayo Nagashima beat Ayumi Kurihara with a fisherman's buster. This was surprisingly a good match. Kurihara did a nice blade job here which brought the match back to life. After that the heels picked up on it and Chikayo yakuza kicked Kuri's face in multiple times. Naturally, like all Ozaki heel matches there was a ton of wonky stuff including weapons and interference which brought it down. Good match here with Kurihara carrying it and Chikayo being a good heel. Rating:***1/2

Overall thoughts: The main event was the only good thing on this show. This had your typical Oz Academy crap combined with a dead crowd and lots of uninspired workers. Skip this.

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