Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gusset Plate Death Match - Danny Havoc vs MASADA

Gusset Plate Death Match - Danny Havoc vs MASADA

WARNING - This is maybe the most graphic match ever. You have been warned.

If you've never seen a Gusset Plate before, join the crowd. Apparently, these are used to hold bridges together and are extremely sharp and sturdy, but I've never seen one before in person.
Danny Havoc after his first trip into the gusset plates
You can see the marks from the plates, so you know they are no joke.
"Ultraviolent Tattoo Removal." - Announcer
"This is bad news all around." - Rob Naylor
Masada uses wire cutters
"Oh my God, it's stuck to his f'n head." - Announcer
Watch Masada's arm. You can see the blood dripping.
That's blood. I've never seen anything like that in my life.
"Stop the d@mn match." - Announcer
"No, no, no. This has to f'n end right now. This is way out of line." - Rob Naylor
Look at that puddle
The finish
MASADA beat Danny Havoc with an STF in the gusset plates. This was a truly disgusting match. This is by far the bloodiest match I've seen and this has taken extreme to new levels. I think the gusset plates are too much of a risk with little reward and these guys really got cut from them. I don't even want to rate this, but I hope these guys got a good pay day and learned something from this.


  1. C'mon, bloodiest match ever? Kasai bleeds more from his back in most matches than both of these guys. Other than Masada's shredded arm it really wasn't that bloody. Sick and painful looing? Sure. Kobayashi vs. Ishikawa from 2010 is 10x bloodier. Kobayashi's entire upper body gets covered in blood.

  2. Well, as I said, I don't know if I've ever seen arms tore up quite like that. Doesn't mean that bloodier matches don't exist, just that I probably haven't seen them yet. I'd be interested in seeing Abby vs Ishikawa. Sounds like fun.

  3. Thank you for your comments by the way. I appreciate them.

  4. They go too far in every match like this, that's. Just the way UV wrestling is, CZW is known for use of everything from legos to weedwackers, I believe this match was to end there lengthy feud, for the UV Title, They state several times to. MASADA & Havoc wanted the match,
    YSF! YSF! YSF!