Thursday, October 11, 2012

CZW Cage of Death 6 - Team BLK-OUT vs Team Cash

CZW Cage of Death 6 - Team BLK-OUT vs Team Cash
Cage of Death Match #1: War Games Match for the CZW Tag Team Championships: Team Blackout (Ruckus, Jack Evans, Sabian, and Eddie Kingston) vs. Team Ca$h (Chri$ Ca$h, Sexxxy Eddy, Nate Webb, and JC Bailey)
This is under wargames rules (wrestlers enter every two minutes) and they only way to win was to go up on the scaffold and to get the belts from Robby Mireno and Maven Bentley. Why were they up there? Zandig threatened them with a barbwire bat and they smartly chose the scaffold. A wrestler is eliminated when they are thrown to the floor.

"Aw that's nasty. That is nasty." - Announcer on Nate Webb feeling up a fan in the crowd.
"He'd give Abdullah the Butcher a run for his money." - Announcer
Nate Webb enjoys a pre-match beverage
JC Bailey whacks Eddie Kingston with a chair
Nasty super tornado DDT on Sexxxy Eddy from Sabian
JC Bailey throws a box full of thumbtacks at Ruckus
Double springboard dropkick
Nate Webb gets eliminated
Eddie Kingston gets eliminated
Sexxxy Eddy does a moonsault with a trashcan over him!
Sexxxy Eddy gets eliminated
"Jack Evans has been eliminated." - Announcer
"Jack Evans has been killed." - Eric

Robbie Mireno accidently nails his man Sabian with powder
Chris Cash hits a Cash Flow on Sabian, almost killing him and eliminating both men
Team Cash beat Team BLK-OUT when JC Bailey retrieved the belts from the scaffold. Look, you don't watch this for scientific wrestling or even smart wrestling. You watch this for big spots and violence and there was lots of that here. I don't know how anyone ever came out of this able to wrestle again, but they did. Pretty insane match with more highlights than you can possible capture. It suffered alot in logic, which the announcers stupidly brought up repeatedly when wrestlers would avoid putting their opponents on the floor between the two rings or when they didn't get the belts and instead jumped off the cage. But this is CZW and the Cage of Death, and you have to have a lack of logic to get in one of these. I hate to rate this because there was alot of cool stuff, but no meaning to it and no sense to most of it. It'd be a dud for that but for action it was cool.

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