Sunday, July 29, 2012

ROH TV 7/28/2012

Rhino vs Rocco Abruzzi
Rhino looked pretty good here. Definitely the best thing I've seen out of him in a while. They almost have him back to looking like a monster. Rhino won this squash easy.

Before the match, Truth Martini reveals that there is a deal between The Embassy and the House of Truth. Tomasso wasn't in on it and one of his managers, RD Evans puts Nana under the bus. Nana eats a kryptonite krunch.

Tomasso Ciampa vs Mike Sydal
This is the first time I've seen Sydal, and I haven't seen much of Ciampa since he got into this gimmick. This wasn't bad. Mike is not as good as his brother and is a little spazzy. Tomasso plays up his gimmick well. This was a decent match. After the match

All Night Express promo
They cut a nice promo and the fans were into it. They then got interruped by WGTT and brawled. WGTT chaired them.

On Inside ROH, They did a package on Eddie Kingston which was much appreciated. They finally explained why he was here and they explained his history in ROH. They showed Eddie vs Steen brawling and pushed Chikara. Good package. Definitely interested in Steen vs Eddie.

TV Title Match - Roderick Strong vs Adam Cole
Strong is one of the few ROH guys who never seemed to improve personality or move onto better things. This was a good match. The crowd is really into Cole and he seems to improve each time. I don't know how much star potential he has, but atleast the crowd likes him. Strong did a super cool backbreaker on the top rope. Elgin came down near the finish but he refused to interfere. Cole caught Roddy from behind with a straightjacket german and won the TV Title! Good match!

Overall thoughts: Worth a watch. Some nice wrestling here and a decent way to spend an hour. I like ROH's show since the production is better but just wish they had some better names.

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