Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ROH Best in the World - Selected Matches

Hybrid Rules - Kyle O'Reilly vs Adam Cole

This match was an instant classic. Everything was spot on in this minus the stupid Hybrid Rules. The announcers were good, the work was good, the crowd was hot and then it happened. Cole took a shot and lost his two front teeth. Blood went everywhere and the announcers and crowd went nuts over it. They didn't sell it immediately which was unfortunate, but it did lead to a great Cole hulk-up. They probably should have ended it right after that as the match obviously peaked but they kept going a little longer. The wrestling after it was good, but the hybrid rules with 10-counts really slowed it down. They managed to recover though for a really nice finish. This was so close to being 5 stars, but the guys just aren't there yet structuring or personality wise.


ROH World Title - Kevin Steen vs Davey Richards
This match was a mess. Steen was supposed to be the heel but he was by far the babyface to the crowd. Davey is Mr. Anti-Personality, so it screwed up the whole match. I really didn't get into this. This was similar to a Sabu style brawl where guys spent more time setting up spots than actually doing them. Davey went under the ring atleast 4 different times during this match. The wrestlers spent more time beating up on everyone at ringside than each other. Steen won after stabbing Richards in the nuts with a spike then he hit a package piledriver.


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