Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BJW 5/5/2012 Selected Matches

BJW  5/5/2012 - Brahman Brothers vs Daisuke Sekimoto/Yuji Okabayashi
I always love a Brahman Brothers match. I know at the very least I'm going to see something ridiculous.

They started out spraying the fans with powder. Then they spit water on Great Kojika as he was doing the title ceremony speech. They then took turns spitting water on the ring announcer after their names were called. Why hasn't Vince signed these guys? They'd be over like rover and Vince would pee his pants with their antics. Okay, the swastica's and klan suits would have to go, but other than that, it could happen.

The Brahman's really went wild in this. They threw powder at Oka then they spit greenslime in Sekimoto's face. He looked like he just got off the set of Double Dare circa 1989. They threw water, they hit Oka with a parking lot sign and they even used a suitcase on Sekimoto. One of them even mocked Oka at one point and yelled in English, "Oh my NUTS".

Oka made a come back later in the match after he got orange goo'ed. He hulked up and then did a double bulldog follow by a Sting yell which the commentators caught. Oka then got black goo'ed. Sekimoto returned the favor a little later and Oka got the pin.

Rating: This was 10 stars for entertainment but probably only about *** for workrate.

Lighttubes and Free Weapons - Abdullah Kobayashi vs Shuji Ishikawa
They really screwed this one up. They went through about 100 lighttubes in the first 5 minutes and no sold them all. Then they built the match on the remaining lighttubes. Total fail with little crowd heat. When the most exciting part of the match involves the wrestlers stripping to thongs, there are problems. Rating: *

Big Van Walter vs Yoshihito Sasaki
Walter is a stud if you have never seen him before. He's absolutely huge and hits with all of his might. Sasaki is no slouch either. At one point Walter tried to powerbomb Sasaki off the apron but Sasaki held on by hooking his leg around the rope, good stuff. Then, Walter sat him in the middle of the ring on the top rope and Stan Hansen lariated him. Yoshihito went down HARD. Yoshihito at one point hit Walter with a burning hammer which was cool. This was a great match but there were two issues. The first is that Walter sometimes powers-up and no sells, which makes moves meaningless. If you don't sell it, I can't buy it. I also think that they were in front of the wrong crowd here. Any other promotion especially in Korakuen would have had the crowd losing it over this. Good work from both guys and definitely worth your time. Just basic and awesome pro wrestling. Rating: ***3/4

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