Monday, April 30, 2012

Quick thoughts on Antonio Cesaro's Debut

I love me some Double C(AC was previously known as Claudio Castagnoli or by his nickname, Double C). He was one of the most over guys ROH had for a while, especially with all of the "Hey" chants. If allowed, he's going to get over huge as he's exactly what WWE wants minus some of the promo abilities. However, if he is allowed to do the "Hey" chants, he's going to get over like Daniel Bryan. He's different enough and is someone who usually sticks out. He's also a pretty cool guy in person. So without further adue...

Antonio Cesaro vs Tyson Kidd - Smackdown 4/27/2012
Starting off, what in the world is AC wearing on his legs? The announcers were wondering this and I am too. I've never seen anything like it before and honestly, I hope I never see it again. His tights are beyond generic as well, which is not AC like.

AC starts off with the basic kicking and punching with obviously faked crowd noise. Then he hits one of my favorite moves, The Karelin Lift, which the announcers simply called a gut wrench. Not quite...

AC continues on with a gorilla press into an uppercut and the crowd pops. WWE crowds have never really see anything like that on tv before. AC then finishes him off with a Gotch-style facedriver similar to Col. Debeers' finisher(see here at 6:23: .

The ringwork was good, but everything else needs fixed. AC needs new tights and new music and he should be okay. Seriously, his gear is the worst I've ever seen. I think AC can make it if he can fix the gear. The crowds are going to love his moves and once he gets a chance to show his quirky personality, he should get over.

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