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Stardom 5/25/2019 Day Show

Stardom 5/25/2019 Day Show

Leo Onozaki vs Konami

Promos: Leo said this is her first singles match vs Konami, and she wants to avoid the Triangle lancer. Konami said she will see how Leo has grown since joining QQ, but said she will beat her with the triangle lancer.

Leo dropkicks her to start off. They trade some forearms and Konami stands on her in the corner and kicks her. It's pretty obvious this is going to be a squash. Konami pounds on her more but Leo gets some good forearms in. Leo hits a running cutter on her. Konami armbar her, but Leo gives her one back. Konami takes over again with kicks and gets a fisherman's for 2. She tries for the triangle lancer, but Leo rolls her up. They then miss a kick and Leo takes a rough looking german and a buzzsaw kick for the Konami win. I thought Leo looked really good here showing some fire and getting a bunch of offense in.

Saya Iida vs Natsu Sumire

Promos: Natsu said she doesn't have much to say, but that's enough for Iida. Iida said she will watch out for Natsu's weapons and win with her Iidabashi pin attempt.

Natsu has a new costume here, ditching her purple for see-thru and white. I really liked her old costume. They trade hammerlocks to start. Natsu then starts picking on Iida. Natsu wraps her legs around Iida's head and presses on her. Saki is down on the apron and gets on it, and Natsu yells at the ref to get her off. Of course she then grabs her whip and nails Iida with it. Natsu does her bronco buster to her. Natsu goes up top and iida follows her. Natsu rips her saying she doesn't have a brainbuster or other moves to use up there. They have a minute discussion up there and Iida gets down, then Natsu tries to debate her. She tells her to move away then gets closer, then tries to crossbody her. Iida moved though then dropkicks her. During the whole discussion, Natsu said your 3rd rate if you hurt someone and 2nd rate if you hurself yourself doing moves. Iida goes into the ropes and comes in and Natsu claps in her face, distracting her and rolling her up for 2. Iida then gets her Iidabashi reversed out of and she gets pinned. Not a good one here and they kind of exposed the business.

Starlight Kid vs Andras Miyagi

Promos: Andras is seemingly back to talking now. Atleast she's good at it. She said Kid will be one of the first people she serves with teaching them something new. Kid asked if Andras was from the demon world. She said it's their first match together and she would do her best.

They wrestle on the mat to start. Kid reverses out an armlock with a handstand and a go around into an armdrag and a dropkick before Andras starts stomping her and takes over. Kid tries to fight back with forearms but gets sent down with just one. Kid comes back with a botched hurricanrana, a 619 and a standing moonsault for 2. Andras takes back over with a backdrop and a dropkick and they botch a tilt-a-whirl for their third botch of the match. Kid hits a perfectplex that Andras kinds of falls out of for 2. Andras dodges a 180 splash and they trade pin attempts. andras pushes the ref in front of Kid, then nails her with a chair(which they have trouble getting in the ring) and tombstones her for the win. A not good match with a lame finish that had a lot of botches.

Queen's Quest - Momo Watanabe and Bea Priestley vs STARS - Saki Kashima and Arisa Hoshiki

Promos: Saki said its the first time they have teamed. Then they get shy and that's about the end of the promo. Momo said she's at the bottom after losing her belt and she's ready to rise up. Bea says nothing.

Stars wants a shake and QQ attacks them, but Stars wins the exchange. Momo gets double teamed with dropkicks but comes back and kicks on Saki before tagging out. Bea takes control on Saki, kicking her hard in the back and stomping her arm before getting Momo back in. Saki headscissors her after taking some kicks and gets Arisa in there. Arisa hits a nice kick combo on her. Arisa springboard double knees her for 2 and Momo hits corner dropkicks on her. Bea gets in again and face kicks Arisa and takes a hard brogue kick. They trade brogue knees then hit each other with them at the same time. Arisa buzzsaw kicks her and tags to Saki, who blocks Bea's tag. Saki hits some offense. Everyone gets in and Saki takes a MK Ultra and a penalty kick for 2. Saki rolls Bea up on an ocean cyclone attempt and gets buzzsaw kick'd in the head. Bea then ocean cyclone suplexes her for the win. This was fine and had some good shots in it.

Oedo Tai - Kagetsu, Natsuko Tora and Hazuki vs Tokyo Cyber Squad - Hana Kimura, Jungle Kyona and Death Yama-San

Promos: OT said Toa's nickname now is Katana-chan and they said they'd do their usual half-assed best. TCS said Death isn't with them and it's the first time they all teamed together. They argued over who Death Yama-San was, saying it's not Yoneyama. They said when she enters the venue she is Yoneyama, but then she uses magic and becomes Death Yama-san, saying it is a seret. They said Yone would transform today into Death.

TCS is back to the individual gear without the camo for some reason. TCS does the Death pose to each other. Kyona and Tora start off and that feud pretty much feels over already, which they really dropped the ball on. They exchange some minor holds and do the usual stare down after. TCS gets in and triple teams Hazuki. As expected, everyone brawls outside. Tora chokes Death with a rope on the outside. They get back in and OT gets the advantage on Death. Death grabs 2 OT members then runs the ropes and does a sitdown flip to armdrag them both down. Jungle gets in and suplexes both OT members and her and Hana trade attacks on them. Jungle and Tora criss cross each other and Tora takes a big forearm. They trade some shots before Tora spears her down. Hana and Kagetsu have a nice hate filled forearm exchange. Hana hits her octopus stretch on Kagetsu but OT breaks it up, then Hana gets triple teamed by OT. Death hits a top rope northern lights on Kagetsu, then she gets double dropkicked. Everyone hits everyone and Hazuki hits a brogue kick on Death, who then spin kicks hers. Hana and Kag do bad double yakuza kicks to each other, which looked like they totally missed. Death then wins it out of nowhere with a yoshi-tonic on Hazuki. This was pretty fast paced and had a lot of action, so it was hard to hate it. It was definitely rushed though. The match seemed to be building towards some kind of Hana vs Kagetsu match.

TCS grabbed the mic after. They said Death is the final weapon for TCS and said Death will challenge for Hazuki's High Speed title at the night show that follows. Death just did her pose and Hana said she wants Death to destroy Hazuki. TCS then did their pose and lines to close the show, with Revel Kel and the young girls missing. Hana tried to organize the crowd into chanting their line, and they were not into it at all.

Overall thoughts: Day shows on doubleheaders are rarely ever anything special as they want to save themselves for the night ahead. The final two matches were fine, but this was very skippable.

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