Thursday, April 12, 2018

WCW Saturday Night 1/10/1998 - Meng vs Fit Finlay

WCW Saturday Night 1/10/1998 - Meng vs Fit Finlay

"These are two men who are very much alike." - Schiavone | "Look at this. This is toe to toe with neither man giving an inch." - Schiavone

"You know that English humor? He's got a little of it. But there ain't nothin' funny about this." - Dusty Rhodes

The finish

"This Fit Finlay fit, but not fit enough to go to the pay windah' here on Saturday Night" - Dusty Rhodes
Meng beat Fit Finlay with the Tongan Death Grip in about 5 minutes after Jimmy Hart jumped on the apron. Not as good as it could have been due to time constraints and due to them not getting to strike as much as I wanted, but it was still a couple of fun minutes of wrestling. I loved Fit trying to headbutt his way out of the Tongan Death Grip and the strike exchanges we got were fun.

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