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WWF MSG 10/28/1991 - IC Title - Bret Hart vs The Berzerker

WWF MSG 10/28/1991 - IC Title - Bret Hart vs The Berzerker

I haven't seen much of the Berzerker. He came in around that later 1991 into 1992 and I just haven't seen much WWF yet from that time. I have liked what I saw of him in the AWA and to be frank, I LOVE gimmicks. I don't have much memory of him as a kid aside from having his figure. I really only remember him fighting the Undertaker. The WWF run seemed like his last major run as he didn't do a lot else after.

"That's a sissy color isn't it?" - Heenan | "Pink? I kinda like pink." - Gorilla

"Don't count your Fuji's before they're hatched." - Heenan

"Wow, right into the breadbasket." - Gorilla | "That was an exceptionally good move for The Berzerker." - Lord Alfred
"It's not the fall that kills you, it's the sudden stop." - Heenan
"I don't know what those muttlocks are. I guess you can't find those in K-Mart." - Gorilla Monsoon | "They're Hair Jordan's." - Heenan

"Going to the second floor." - Heenan

The finish
Bret Hart beat The Berzerker with a crucifix pin. Man this was good. The Berzerker was just great. He bumped big and he went 100 MPH at all times. There's not a lot of other sprinty bumping big dudes but he really pulls it off here. I got a ton of laughs out of watching him and this was one of the more fun matches I've watched in a while. Bret was as good as always here. He sold for everything and slowed it down enough to get you invested. He sold really well too. They got a bunch of time too. The story of the match was Bret knocking the Berzerker out of the ring multiple times early and then the Berzerker slowing it down with various holds until Bret made his big comeback at the end. Really fun pro wrestling and this will make you want to see more Berzerker. Also wanted to point out that the commentary was really fun with Heenan having some great lines here. Rating:***1/2

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