Wednesday, December 10, 2014

4/15/1955 - 2/3 Falls - Verne Gagne vs Don Leo Jonathan

4/15/1955 - 2/3 Falls - Verne Gagne vs Don Leo Jonathan

"Somebody touch somebody:" - Announcer

Verne got the first at 14:20 with a sleeper.

Don Leo Johnathan got the 2nd fall with a bow and arrow.

Verne Gagne beat Don Leo Jonathan 2 falls to 1 with a backdrop. This was a good match. It was very simple and basic with the highspots being bodyslams and a backdrop and they still made it good. It just goes to show you that you don't need to jump off the top and all that to put on a good match. Don cheated all throughout the match and was constantly attacking with kneelifts while trying to stay clear of the sleeper. Near the end, Don worked the side headlock then got thrown backwards with the backdrop for the win. This was about 30 minutes in length and honestly was closer to a UFC bout than what you would have in current wrestling. Don could really move and flew all around the ring diving after Verne, while Verne would have small firey comebacks with punches. I don't think most people would get into this type of old wrestling as it was slow and didn't have a ton of action, but they made everything count and they put little damage on their bodies for 30 minutes of work. Rating:***

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