Thursday, November 28, 2013

WWF MSG 2/20/1989 - Big John Studd vs Akeem

WWE MSG 2/20/1989 - Big John Studd vs Akeem

Nothing good can come of this one, but I'm up for it anyway.

"A couple of real real giants going to be locking horns here at Madison Square Garden." - Ron Trongard | "This is one match we waited a long, long time for." - Lord Alfred Hayes | "You got that right." - Ron Trongard
"Akeem is making gestures all over the place, relative to....relative to just about anything... the time of day, the type of mood, his type of boots, his type of trunks, the length of his hair." - Ron Trongard

"Studd, a very very cool man inside the ring...GOD, how does he do it?" - Lord Alfred Hayes
"Whoa! Saliva! Going 15 or 20 feet into the air." - Ron Trongard

I'm making the same face myself, Slick.

This went to a double countout at around 8 minutes or so when both men were fighting and were counted out. The execution was pretty bad and the shots were very plodding and light but I expected a lot worse. The crowd was forgiving here and Akeem kind of amused me as a goof here. This was mostly all about clubbing forearms and awful John Studd clotheslines before the finish. Slick's dancing and hilarious facial expression above were the highlights here. The commentary was horra-awful but the match could have been worse.

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