Thursday, November 28, 2013

WCW Pro 9/10/1994 - Scott Studd vs The Gambler

WCW Pro 9/10/1994 - Scott Studd vs The Gambler

I think Scott Studd is Scotty Riggs.

"If you leave an opening, the Gambler will throw up one of those Joker's he's got underneath his sleeves." - Larry Zbyszko
"I'm rooting for The Gambler." - Larry Z | "I've got a secret meeting with Colonel Parker later. I guess it's not a secret anymore." - Larry Z

"Took his nose off!" - Larry Z

"The Gambler's gonna fold 'em. One by one, I'm gonna beat them." - The Gambler
The Gambler beat Scott Studd with a high lariat. This was really nothing special. This was totally an opener of a match and had no real highlights besides the ending lariat. They just worked a lot of arm locks and stuff with this having a slow pace to it. The announcers were too focused on the upcoming Fall Brawl to care and as usual, Larry was mostly focused on himself.

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