Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Quick WWE Main Event 10/2/2013 Thoughts

Quick WWE Main Event 10/2/2013 Thoughts

This wasn't a good one unfortunately and it's not surprising since it didn't look very good on paper. They started out with a Sandow/Santino match that really wasn't that good. Sandow just isn't there as a worker and Santino wasn't going to win, so this wasn't that great. We had an eh Wyatt Family vs Prime Time Players match with Luke Harper and Titus both looking good, and with Rowan looking clumsly. We also had an Axel/Ryder match which would have been better suited for Superstars and got chants of "boring" and "CM Punk". Of course, Axel won. The last match with Tons of Funk vs The Real American's was pretty much carried by Cesaro. He hit the big swing on Clay, did a nice twisting bump off of a shoulder and then got Tensai up for a nice looking Neutralizer. He remains the best thing on WWE TV and I was so glad he didn't lose to ToF, as I thought he would.

Overall thoughts:  Skip this one as it was pretty lazy and not that good. Very disappointed with how Main Event is very far gone from featuring main eventers.

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