Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WWE Main Event 5/8/2013 Preview

WWE Main Event 5/8/2013 Preview

Tonight's matches are:

Randy Orton vs Antonio Cesaro

I am picking Orton to win this. As much as I think many of us would like Antonio Cesaro to win tonight, it is unlikely. There is a small chance due to his mic time on Raw and his possible new direction that he could pull this out, but I just don't trust it yet. The match will probably not be a classic. We've seen this before it was nothing memorable. Randy Orton has one style of match and that is the type of match we will be seeing. Cesaro may be able to get some different moves in but we will not be able to see his strength spots because Orton is not heavy enough to look impressive lifting and too heavy to really throw around like he could with a Kofi Kingston. Hopefully this gets time and hopefully Cesaro looks good. However, I picking Randy Orton to win with the RKO.

The Uso Brothers and Justin Gabriel vs 3MB
This one should most likely go to The Uso Brothers and Justin Gabriel. Gabriel has kind of been getting a very small push lately and it seems the WWE is behind him. 3MB are perennial losers and it is unlikely that they will win this one. I do like the 3MB vs The Shield mini-feud but I don't think it means anything in the long run and I don't think it will mean anything tonight. If this match is to be good, the faces need to use their high flying moves, they need to keep a quick pace and they need to keep Jinder Mahal out of it. I will take the faces getting the win with a Justin Gabriel 450.

Stay tuned tonight for live coverage of WWE Main Event 5/8/2013.

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