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Sumo May Natsu Basho Day 3

Sumo May Natsu Basho Day 3

Ms15e  Kyokutaisei (0-1) vs   Ms16e   Hokaho (0-1)

Kyokutaisei got lucky and won this one. Both men were fighting for a grip and then ended up going out at the same time with Hokaho touching first.

Ms7e   Osunaarashi (1-0) vs Ms8e  Hamaguchi (1-0)

Osuna made the catch early on and got the win rather easy from here. Osuna is definitely at Juryo level now and hopefully can pull out the flawless records he will need to get there.

J10w   Takanoyama (2-0) vs  J9w  Oniarashi (1-1)
Takanoyama basically henka'd Oni to win this one. It won't be written as a henka, but he barely made any contact on the tachi-ai, jumped over him with an arm grab and took the win. Oh well. Takano is at 3-0 and off to a heck of a start for him.

J7e  Sagatsukasa (0-2) vs  J8e  Tochinowaka (1-1)
Tochino won due to Sagat slipping. I think Sagat came in too strong and it cost him.

M13e Daido (0-2) vs  M16e  Azumaryu (2-0)
Azumaryu had a really good basho last time.
They had to do a replay here and the second time around Daido tossed him down by the belt for the win.

M6e  Yoshikaze (0-2) vs   M7w  Jokoryu (0-2)

Yoshikaze overpowered Jokoryu and literally was tossing him up and down. Jokoryu tried to swing to get the momentum in his favor he ended up going out. It was a good try atleast and a fun match.

M4e  Aoiyama (2-0) vs  M5e  Shohozan (1-1)
Shohozan got really overpowered here. Aoiyama had his way with him and even showed good movement around the ring to put Shohozan down.

S1w  Baruto (2-0) vs   O1w   Kakuryu (2-0)
There is a decent chance of a Baruto win here. He's 16-11 all-time against Kakuryu.
Kakuryu won here. He got the grip early on and was under Baruto to guide him to his exit from the ring. This was a really fun power match.

O1e  Kisenosato (2-0) vs   K1w  Okinoumi (0-2)
Kisenosato overpowered Oki from the start and send him feet back before pushing him out.

M3e  Takarafuji (0-2) vs  O2w  Kotooshu (2-0)
Koto got an arm under Takara and brought him down swiftly. Kotooshu is looking pretty good so far.

O2e  Kotoshogiku (2-0) vs  M1w Aminishiki (0-2)
Koto had this one from the tachi-ai and took it home easy.

M2e  Kitataiki (0-2) vs Y1w     Harumafuji (1-1)
Kita was within inches of winning this when Harumfuji put a stop to it, slowed it down and got a great throw for the win.

Y1e   Hakuho (2-0) vs  M1e     Myogiryu (1-1)
Hakuho had an awesome tachi-ai that sent Myogiryu back. He outpowered him for the win.

Rankings(thanks to http://sumodb.sumogames.de/):





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