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Sumo May Natsu Basho 2013 Day 7

Sumo May Natsu Basho 2013 Day 7

Ms15e   Kyokutaisei (1-2) vs Ms17w   Maeta (1-2)
Good win for Kyoku here. He kept bouncing off of Maeta and eventually saw that he didn't do anything in return and was able to do a heavy lift out.

Ms3e    Endo (3-0) vs Ms7e    Osunaarashi (3-0)
Great bout here. I think JoshI mentioned that Endo was a college sumo wrestler and had some seniority. They both were even on pushes in the start and Osuna went for the throw. He did a nice turn in the air and somehow Endo touched first.

J12w    Chiyoarashi (3-3) vs J10w    Takanoyama (4-2)
Takanoyama did a lightning fast hop around to grab Chiyo's right arm and put him down nicely.

J3e     Oiwato (2-4)  vs J8e     Tochinowaka (3-3)
Tochino did some good pushing here and Oiwato basically jumped out on his own.

M10e    Chiyotairyu (3-3) vs  M7w     Jokoryu (0-6)
Jokoryu made no contact, jumped around and grabbed Chiyo by his mawashi knot in the back. Jokoryu fell and lost.

M5e     Shohozan (4-2) vs M6e     Yoshikaze (3-3)

Shohozan pushed on Yoshi's head at the tachi-ai and got a very easy win.

M2w     Tochinoshin (0-6) vs O1w     Kakuryu (6-0)
Kakuryu got a great grip from the start and used it to push Tochi out.

O1e     Kisenosato (6-0) vs S1w     Baruto (3-3)
Kisenosato won this close one. Baruto got pushed back quick and went for a throw, suceeded but fell first. Baruto was limping after which was not a good sign.

K1w     Okinoumi (0-6) vs O2w     Kotooshu (4-2)
Okinoumi wins! He had the better leverage and Koto tried a side move but instead just got pushed back and out.

O2e     Kotoshogiku (4-2) vs K1e     Tochiozan (2-4)
Koto overpowered Tochi quick and then went side to side to take him out.

M4e     Aoiyama (5-1) vs Y1w     Harumafuji (4-2)
Aoiyama tried to push Haruma from the side and Haruma side stepped him and tossed him down.

Y1e     Hakuho (6-0) vs M3e     Takarafuji (0-6)
Takarafuji got slapped aorund and spun around en route to a Hakuho win.

6-1: NONE





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