Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sumo May Natsu Basho 2013 Day 5

Sumo May Natsu Basho 2013 Day 5

Homasho vs Takanoyama
Takanoyama bounced around like a mad man and eventually turned the tables on Homasho to take the surprise win. Takanoyama is up to 4-1.

Tokushoryu vs Tochinowaka
Tochinowaka almost got thrown and then tried to spin out of it. This gave Toku his back and he easily pushed him out.

Shotenro vs Jokoryu
Jokoryu has a new mawashi
Jokoru got quickly overpowered and pushed out. He offered no struggle at all here.

Shohozan vs Toyonoshima
Shohozan went around Toyo early, which knocked Toyo off balance and got him the easy win.

Takarafuji vs Aoiyama
Aoiyama kept thrusting into Takara's chest and eventually, this knocked him forward and put him down. Aoiyama is at 5-0 and looking good.

Okinoumi vs Baruto
Close one here. Both men kept spinning each other on one leg and Baruto eventually won out.

 Myogiryu vs Kotooshu
Myogiryu rushed Koto and got under him quick to put him out fast. Good win for Myo.

Kotoshogiku vs Goeido
Koto went to the side, got caught bigtime and Goeido pushed straight from Koto's side. Koto couldn't offer anything back and got put down.

Kitataiki vs Kakuryu
Kakuryu did some backsteps here while pushing Kita down to the ground for the win.

Kisenosato vs Aminishiki
Kisenosato won easy here. Aminishiki couldn't handle his pushing and went out easily.

Tochiozan vs Harumafuji
UPSET! Tochiozan wins! Haruma kept slipping everywhere and it cost him as he slipped again and Tochio was there to assist him down. Harumafuji could be out of the tournament already by Day 5 at 2 losses.

Hakuho vs Tochinoshin
Hakuho got under Tochi, pushed him up and swung him to get the easy win.








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