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9/10/1993 WBC Welterweight Championship - Pernell Whitaker vs Julio César Chávez

9/10/1993 WBC Welterweight Championship  - Pernell Whitaker vs Julio César Chávez

Round 1

10-9 Chavez. This wasn't a huge opening round for either guy by Chavez was on the attack. Pernell Whitaker held back a lot here and couldn't get much in.

Round 2
10-9 Chavez. This was another close one. Whitaker showed some signs of almost getting this round but Chavez was more aggressive and landed better shots.

Round 3
10-9 Whitaker. He controlled this whole round. He'd throw one or two jabs, back up or hold Chavez, leaving Chavez unable to really do anything.

Round 4
Pernell Whitaker pushes Joe Cortez away
10-9 Whitaker. Chavez got a lot of very low and illegal shots in while Whitaker hit all legal shots. Whitaker started to slow down here and move less after getting punched in the thigh.

Round 5

10-9 Whitaker. He got some combos in and was much better with his jab. Chavez started off well and looked better near the end, but it wasn't enough.

Round 6
Pernell Whitaker low blow's Julio César Chávez
10-9 Chavez. Whitaker hit two huge low blows then hit after the bell, doing very little legal shots of any sort during this round.

Round 7
10-9 Whitaker. This was all Whitaker. He jabbed away and Chavez had very little to offer in return.

Round 8

10-9 Whitaker. Chavez took a whooping here and Whitaker had his way with him. This could almost be a 10-8 round.

Round 9
10-9 Chavez. Great close round here. This was really tough to call. Chavez flurried alot and Whitaker would back him up with a big shot in return. I have to give it to Chavez since he'd double or triple the good shots Whitaker would get.

Round 10
10-9 Whitaker. He hit some great hard and solid shots to get the round.

Round 11

10-9 Whitaker. He mostly controlled this one while Chavez was searching for that big shot and missing.

Round 12

10-9 Chavez. Chavez was constantly on the attack while Whitaker was trying to avoid any last round heroics.

I had it 115-113 for Whitaker.

The judges had it 115-113 for Whitaker, 115-115 Draw. The bout was ruled a majority decision draw.
Julio César Chávez  said he wasn't at his best, he got hit with a lot of intentional low blows and he wants a rematch.
Don King said Pernell Whitaker didn't press much and without Chavez, it wouldn't have been a fight. He said Chavez was the general of the fight. Don King complained about the low blows as well.
 Whitaker said this was a win for him because the public obviously saw who won. He said he felt he was ripped off. Whitaker's manager pushed that Chavez got a draw, but didn't beat him.

I don't see a draw here. There's just no way. Chavez obviously lost the fight. Even if you are generous to Chavez, it was obvious he didn't draw the fight. Atleast Whitaker took the draw okay and pushed that he still won.

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