Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ice Ribbon 7/11/2012 Report

Ice Ribbon #402
July 11, 2012
Ice Ribbon Dojo
79 fans
1. Rabbit Miu & Aki Shizuku defeated Hikari Minami & NOZOMI (08:45) when Shizuku used a Scorpio Woman on Minami.
2. GAMI defeated Maki Narumiya (09:30) with an Eye Thrust.
3. Hikaru Shida wrestled Arisa Nakajima (10:00) to a time limit draw.
4. Neko Nitta & Miyako Matsumoto defeated Tsukasa Fujimoto & Meari Naito (16:30) when Matsumoto used a Miyacoco Clutch on Naito.

I'm a little late on this one unfortunately. I was really busy and didn't have time to write about the show.

This show was at the Ice Ribbon Dojo. It's basically like an oversized garage with an entrance way and a ring. It only holds about 100 fans or so. It's actually also not too far from the station so the location isn't  bad.

They have a funny sign outside offering people the chance to become wrestlers. My friend and I joked that they probably get more 50 year old creepy men trying to sign up than aspiring females, but hey, they don't say you have to be a girl.

This show was building up to an IR show in Sapporo I believe. They kept shilling for it but let's be real, maybe one person tops was going to make that trip from this show.

Match 1 wasn't bad at all. Rabbit Miu may be the smallest wrestler I've ever seen live. She is just tiny and quite young. She's going to end up being decent though. NOZOMI was okay here but she's still basically a rookie. I don't have alot of faith in her being the star of DDT's joshi promotion. They had a few small slip ups, but nothing too bad.

Match 2 was pretty good. I'm not a GAMI fan but in the right setting, she can be tolerable. She whacked the referee and her opponent many times with her gimmick. No complaints about this one at all. Maki seemed to be having a good time against her.

Match 3 was easily the match of the night. Arisa Nakajima is probably the most popular member of the JWP roster. She just returned from quitting and she was really good. Shida is also really good. They had a great match and I was upset that it went to a draw. We deserved a winner! This one is probably worth checking out.

Match 4 was terrible. It was all comedy and it really stunk. Neko really plays up the cat gimmick, even going so far as to only make cat sounds. She also wears a tail, which her opponents worked on. She warms up to you eventually though, but not a good wrestler. Fujimoto was about the only good thing in this match. Miyako was really awful especially.

Overall it was an okay show. The main event was really bad, but the rest was ok with the semi-main being very good.

After the show they sold gimmicks and did pictures. While I'm not a huge fan of IR, I had to take them up on the picture with most of the roster for $10. Joshi dojo shows always do this and I love it. I got one with the NEO crew years ago that is one of my favorites.

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