Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today's viewings

9/3/1997 IWA Japan - King Kong Bundy/Leatherface/Freddy Kreuger vs Benkei/Great Kabuki/Hirano
When you are relying on Great Kabuki to bring the workrate, you have problems on your hands. When your second and third best wrestlers are King Kong Bundy and Leatherface, you have bigger problems. There was alot of bad and boring brawling here. There was more choking in this than I think I have ever seen in any match. Sucks, because I was interested in seeing Bundy squashing some japanese guys. Rating: DUD

4/29/2012 Oz Academy - Mio Shirai/Mayumi Ozaki vs Aja Kong/Sonoko Kato
This is kind of your typical Oz tag. Decent work with lots of unreprimanded interference. There wasn't nothing wrong with this but it never really kicked into high gear. Watching this, I was thinking how perfect Kato would have been in AJW in the 2000's. Rating: **1/2

5/16/2012 Zero-1 Hiroyo Matsumoto vs Yuhi
I hate dailymotion. This match was only 6 minutes long and it took atleast 20 minutes to finish it with all the buffering I had to deal with. This was a good match. Yuhi already gets the finer nuisances of pro wrestling and I hope she sticks with STARDOM and stays far away from DIANA and Oz. Hiroyo won here, which I think was the wrong call as Hiroyo is still an underbooked wrestler 6 years later. Hiroyo also looked like she gained some weight. Rating: **1/2

4/24/2012 Zero-1 Daisuke Sekimoto/Kazuki Hashimoto vs Daichi Hashimoto/Kohei Sato
This is in the new Korakuen set-up and it looks kind of sad. You see them brawl into the crowd...and there is no crowd to brawl into. Just tarped over seats in the stands. I hope it's alot cheaper because it really makes your promotion look sad.
This was a good match. They worked at a nice pace and it was mostly about who could hit who the hardest. Kazuki is really good as a jerk heel. The only thing he needs to be careful of is not selling enough due to being a jerk. You can brush off shots, but if you don't sell them, then they look weak.  Daichi reminds me so much of Fujita Hayato Jr. Sekimoto was great as usual and Sato was fine. This isn't something you would go out of your way for, but was good. Rating ***

Big Japan TV 5-1-1998 Shadow VII, Shadow WX, Shadow Winger & The Great Pogo vs. Jason The Terrible, Shoji Nakamaki, Mitsuhiro Matsunaga & Masked GK in a "The W*ING Crisis BJW Big Born Death Match."
This was one of the crazier deathmatches BJPW put on. Here's a list of all the goodies that were available in the match:
- Barbed wire boards
- A ring with a circus net of barbed wire
- Lots of lighttubes, including some connected to actual lights.
- Dry Ice
- Tacks
- A coffin
 -A bed of nails

Of course, this wasn't enough for some of the guys, so we also got:
- A sickle
- A nail baseball bat
- A BUSH TRIMMER. No, I'm not joking.

The match was really not that good. This had alot of guys throwing each other into things and alot of guys walking together to the next weapon. I didn't hate it though. It was entertaining, just not good. Does that make sense? The big highlights here were a few guys getting their face put into dry ice, Matsunaga throwing a scorpion on WX's head, Mr. Pogo powerdrilling someone's head, Mr. Pogo using a bush trimmer on someone's head, Matsunaga falling off a walkway about 15 feet up, Matsunaga throwing someone off the scaffold into the barb wire net and Matsunaga doing a rolling senton onto the net. Kojika was probably the worst in this whole match which is really saying something. If you want to see alot of spots and random acts of violence then you want this, but if you are looking for a good workrate oriented match, this isn't your thing. I myself enjoyed it.

5/5/1994 FMW Genichiro Tenryu vs Atsushi Onita - Exploding Time Bomb Barb Wire Cage Match
    I've always loved this match. The crowd was really pumped for this and it was a rather big match for 1994. There was a stip that said Onita had to retire in 1 year if he lost this match. This is the follow up to the Goto/Onita vs Tenryu/Hara match I reviewed.
   They worked the match like a basic pro wrestling match only inside of a cage. This is what made it great as they focused on the psychology of it with Tenryu having the upper hand on Onita. Onita took most of the bumps, but Tenryu did take one into the cage which was surprising.
    Tenryu ended up winning it in what was Onita's best match ever. The crowd was completely dejected after this and they showed video of the fans after that showed how down they were. Rating: ****1/2

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