Friday, June 1, 2012

Real Japan Pro Wrestling Daybreak 3/16/2012 - Vader vs Tiger Shark

I love Real Japan Pro Wrestling(RJPW). RJPW is the Original Tiger Mask's monthly federation. The promotion features Tiger Mask and the Other Tiger Masks' mixed with legends and shoot style wrestlers. This promotion is kind of WAR-like in that you never know what you are going to get, but you know it's going to be interesting.

Thoughts on each wrestler:

Tiger Shark - I like this guy. Love the name and costume and overall he's a fun worker. He doesn't come around enough in my opinion.

Vader - Come on, it's Vader. The man did it all at over 300 pounds. He fought almost every big name of the 1990's(except Tenryu which I wish would have happened) and had more great matches with a wider variety of opponents than almost any other. I haven't actually seen Vader since his slip on Monday Night Raw years ago and since I saw him being escorted to a hospital at an autograph signing in Japan years back.

Opening: Vader fools around for about 6 minutes looking heavier and quite bald. He's also looking a little slow, so my expectations are decreasing by the second. He starts to strike about 7 minutes in which gives us the Vader we all love.

Middle: Tiger tries to make a comeback but that ends before it really begins. Vader stiffs him nicely while pulling up his pants. Vader goes for the Vader Bomb and about a minute later, he hits it, only for the count of 2!

Ending: Vader hits a nasty head bouncing powerbomb for the win, right after the Vader Bomb previously mentioned.

Overall thoughts: This is about what you would expect. This is a quick Vader squash but definitely disappointing by his usual squash standards. I wouldn't really reccomend watching this unless you are curious as to what Vader is up to these days.

Rating: It's a squash and not a good one, so no rating for this.

This is available on youtube if you would like to check it out.

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