Monday, June 4, 2012

Mima Shimoda/ Chapritta ASARI vs Kyoko Inoue/Lioness Asuka - NEO PANIC THE WORLD 10/12/01

Mima Shimoda/Chapritta ASARI vs Kyoko Inoue/Lioness Asuka
Mima and Asari start the match off by throwing beers to the ref to put in a beer box. The ref drops them and the beers roll over the ring without spilling. Off to a good start here.

Mima's in Mailbu Barbie mode and Kyoko is wearing a black coat to match Lioness nicely.

Opening: Some quick brawling and Kyoko tries to open up a beer on Asari. As she opens it up it gets taken away and spills everywhere. Mima tries it herself and also ends up spilling it everywhere.

Middle: The big heat section in this is Kyoko and Lioness beating up on Asari. Mima gets in later and does sweet foot slaps on Lioness, who nails her with a nice chokeslam after. Little later on, Mima and Asari try to do a double foot slap on Lioness. Only problem is, Asari is too short and ends up missing completely, while Lioness sells Mima's blow.

One nice cool spot had Asari being in the teeter totter position under Lioness. Lioness tries to fall back to launch Asari and Asari picks herself up in mid air and slaps Asari. Cool spot.

Lioness and Asari work together a little more with the big vs small theme going on.

Asari hits a couple of hurricanrana's later in the match and on one of the pins actually gets up before Kyoko even gets her shoulder up. Oops. Asari gets lariated by Kyoko for the full 360 in a nice spot.  Mima and Asari take over for a while with pretty weak dives to the floor.

Mima gets Kyoko back in the ring and sits her down on a chair. Mima goes for the missle dropkick on Kyoko and Kyoko moves before it even hits. Whoops.

More weapon play with Lioness bringing out her table and hitting a double stomp on it on both girls.

Ending: The finish was kind of interesting but really didn't save the match. Asari dropkicked Kyoko in the knee and Mima got the roll up for the win. The girls celebrate with more beer and the heels actually cheer her on. Then Mima tries to cut a promo on Lioness for a future match all serious.

Match thoughts: I'm really not a fan of the Malibu Barbie face version of Mima Shimoda. Mima has too much fun as a face to make it work. She misses a ton of strikes here and the ones she hits are so weak, they couldn't have hurt a fly. It was hard to take this match as serious which made the use of weapons a waste of time. This match had more of a house show match feel to it when it could have been better. I honestly think the girls were more concerned about the beer than the match. Funny as work like this should drive them to drinking.

Rating: *
Don't waste your time on it.

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