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ARSION Virgin: Debut Show 2/18/1998

ARSION, much like NEO, also split off from AJW when AJW's owners lost a ton of cash. ARSION got Yumi Fukawa(AJW), Rie Tamada(AJW), got Candy Okutsu(formerly JWP) to come out of retirement and they got the underused Michiko Omukai(LLPW) along with GAMI from LLPW. What a score. I can tell you, ARSION by far got the better of the split over NEO. Wrestlers usually don't switch companies so I have no idea how Aja pulled this off. ARSION would also get Ayako Hamada who would debut a few shows in and who would be pretty much everything you want in a joshi rookie from the start(great, good looking and really young). Finally, ARSION also got Mariko Yoshida, who would become a master of the mat and Sakie Hasegawa(to do non-wrestling things).

The cover on this tape is the single greatest wrestling tape cover ever. Check it out, you'll see what I mean.

Candy Okutsu vs Yumi Fukawa
Man, this was good. Does Candy Okutsu have the stiffest and hardest snapping suplexes of all time or what? Yumi Fukawa had some head issues which led to her retirement amongst other injuries and I have to wonder if they started here. Yumi kind of messed up twice on moonsaults by nailing Candy with her knee in the head. This one had a time limit draw unfortunately, but I really liked this. Yumi Fukawa makes the world a better place. Rating: ***1/2

GAMI vs Jessie Bennett
This was before GAMI stopped caring. GAMI was in tip top shape here and her haircut in this deserves a blog post of its own. GAMI took a really nasty ligerbomb here. GAMI won this out of nowhere with an armbar. Rating: **

Michiko Omukai vs Aja Kong
When I first viewed this, this was one of my favorite matches ever. Upon review, I still like it alot, but it wasn't what I remembered. Both girls were really stiff in this trying to show who's boss and the strikes they hit were probably the best of their careers. This was still a good match but, it could have been even better if they were thinking ahead. They should have continued with the stiff shots then have Omukai get a combo and light Aja up for the surprise knockout or pin. If they had done that, it would have been five stars. There was nothing bad at all in this, but the wrong person won when Aja got the win with the choke. Rating: ***1/2

Reggie Bennett vs Rie Tamada
Reggie Bennett is kind of like the female John Tenta. She's huge but can move. Was there some kind of stiffest powerbomb prize for this show? Because Reggie really wastes Rie with one. I kind of felt bad for Rie, as you can tell she just wanted to go sprint style and do quick stuff, but this wasn't the match for it. It was still really good though and Reggie looked like a beast in it. Rating: **1/2 Give me Tamada vs Fukuoka!

Aja/Omukai/Fukawa vs GAMI/Tamada/Okutsu
Add one more for the powerbomb competition when GAMI does in Fukawa. Jessie Bennett still wins though for that. Fukawa almost died here on an Asai to the outside. She literally went straight down. Thankfully we didn't see the landing but it was a scary fall. Yumi, please stop doing moonsaults. Please? You don't need to. Fukawa gets the La Magistral for the win. Rating: **1/2

This was a great show. You knew ARSION was going to be great. You want all of this

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