Monday, June 11, 2012

AJW Athena 12-12-1999 TV

It seems alot of the matches are clipped. There are english announcements of the wrestlers in each match but they are really easy to miss.
-Hotta vs Takako was really good. Hotta broke one of Takako's stunguns then Takako got another one. Takako controlled most of this match/brawl and was really awesome. She did lots of kicks and got a few good urakens in. Hotta wasn't gonna lose though. She did some cool Karate poses and got Takako with a really awesome Shotei. Too bad for Takako.
- We get one of the awesome fighting english videos.
- Hiromi Yagi/ASARI vs MihoKayo - This was really clipped, but that may have been for the better. Hard to judge this because there's nothing to it, but Yagi looked good and ASARI's Sky Twister Press is always awesome.
- Momoe/Ito vs Yabushita/Sakai - Clipped to hell also. What I saw was really good though. Momoe had some awesome bridges and did a great Moonsault into a german. Ito was looking more like what she does now at this stage, but still wasn't immobile. The extra weight made her look stronger. Yabushita was pretty awesome from what was shown.
- Lioness vs Nanae - AJW had a lightnight graphic and got to go across Lioness's table which was cool. Momoe cheats a few times for Nanae which was surprising. Way too many clips again, but Lioness wins with the blue mist then a spin kick. Too hard to judge due to the clips. The match was only 6 minutes long and I didn't see more than two minutes of it...
- Happy Birthday Nanae Takahashi featuring Miyuki Fuji. WAVE uses the same Happy Birthday song. Nanae says "I'll kick you ass".
- Ayako Seki Debut vs Miyuki Fuji - I actually got this dvd for this match as Ayako seemed pretty hyped up at the time. They show some clips of her tearing apart phonebooks and pulling a truck. Eat your heart out Ken Patera. She's actually not that tall at 172cm, but she definitely has the weight(105 kg) and the strongwoman build. The girl is wider than Eagle Sawai. Fuji goes for the double chickenwing suplex, good luck to her on that. Ayako hits a few running body presses and finishes her with a middle rope Splash. Miyuki's head was smaller than Ayako's calfs. This may be the only match of Ayako out there as she quit soon after due to mental sickness. I think that might mean depression or something to that effect. Too bad as with some experience I think she could have been something. After the match we get a clip of her eating fried fish. Yeah, I don't get it either.
- LCO vs Tomoko/Maekawa 2/3 Falls - First 2 falls ended within 3 minutes each. I hate when they do that. Might as well just have a 1-fall match. The end looked good but the rest didn't look too hot. Alot of Mima gently pushing down guardrails on her opponents. C'mon Mima, just lay on the guardrail and push it down on them. It would look so much better. Mita gets hit with a flying Shimoda ass when Maekawa gets out of their double team move. Mita also gets hit by two chairs that Mima threw at her. Time to get a new partner. Tomoko slam dunks Mita twice with two nasty Sitting Crucifix Bombs. Good finish, so-so everything else.
- Kyoko vs Toyota - They showed the history of their feud. Toyota had awful hair when she was a rookie. The lighting intro strikes again with Toyota looking like Electro. Awesome! The Undertaker needs to steal that CGI immediately. Manami did the goofiest Kyoko dance ever! Then Manami does a dropkick to the outside and we see that AJW put a TV under the ring for the commentators to look at from about 4 feet away behind the rail. Nothing but the best for Zenjo announcers. Manami did an awesome crossbody from the bleacher seats 15 feet up. Kyoko did a top rope reverse hurricanrana thing which was pretty amazing. Toyota gets 360'd off a clothesline and gets a Victoria Driver!!! Manami then defiest gravity and gets an Ocean Cyclone for the win. From the highlights alone this had to be 4*+. Really awesome effort from both girls and yet another notch on their awesome series of match. this has to be one of the top 5-10 from 1999.

Bottomline: You want the full version of this. Hell, I want the full version of this! There's lots of good stuff to be had and the main is an easy 4*+ match. I'm becoming a huge fan of Zenjo from this time period.

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