Sunday, April 22, 2012

LLPW 5/11/1993 Review

I watched LLPW 5/11/1993. Had the best Bat Yoshinaga match I've ever seen. It was her and Minami Suzuka vs Rumi/Osawa and it was great. Osawa and Bat were stiffing each other with Osawa getting the better of her. Bat was super over and was the most inspired I'd ever seen her. The show also had a Miki Handa vs Mima Shimoda match where Handa botched atleast 2 powerbombs on Shimoda. A cool part of the match was both of them biting each others legs to get out of holds. Shimoda was pretty fired up for the first half too. The match was alright, but it went a little too long. There was also a tag match with the Kandori vs Yasha sections being the highlight. The rest of the show was just 5 second clips of earlier matches, so I missed out on more Utako Hozumi. BOO!

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