Sunday, October 13, 2019

New Japan Pro Wrestling 7/6/2019 - G1 Climax 2019 Day 1 - KENTA vs Kota Ibushi

New Japan Pro Wrestling 7/6/2019 - G1 Climax 2019 Day 1 - KENTA vs Kota Ibushi


Ibushi gets slapped hard early on, and then Ibushi gives it back harder. Ibushi hangs on the middle rope and gets a 2nd ope kneedrop. Kenta hits lots of hard kicks. Kenta teased curb stomping his face into the mat, then instead back heel kicked him. I didn't think it was funny because it would make sense to do it. They trade some nice shots, and Kenta boots him in the face. They get another nice exchange soon after. Ibushi moonsaults from the 2nd turnbuckle for 2. Kenta hits a stiff leg lariat . Ibushi does a pele kick that the camera's miss. Ibushi goes for a dive and Kenta tries to catch him with a kick and can't, so Ibushi has a bad fall. Ibushi gets hung on the barricade then Kenta double stomps him from the apron. Kenta has Ibushi sitting in the corner and dropkicks him in the face. Kenta double stomps him from the top for 2.

They collide on a clothesline then Kenta does some sloppy double knee/busaiku knee kick. They trade some forearms then kicks. Kenta does two hard head kicks. For the finish, Kenta hit a go to sleep, but it only hit Kota's ribs, so it sucked.

I wanted this to be the kicking version of Goto/Ishii. That didn't happen. We got some of it, but the middle and 2nd half of the match had very little of it. There were also a lot of sloppy sections here and the finish wasn't any good. I still did like most of it, but it wasn't as good as it could have been.

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