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CMLL on Terra 6/2/2013 - Selected Matches

CMLL on Terra 6/2/2013 - Selected Matches

Metalico and Starman vs Disturbio and Hijo Del Signo

Rudos took the first with Disturbio's double knees in the corner to Starman and a Signo top rope splash on Metalico. Metalico then pinned Signo with a hurricanrana in a fall where the faces got almost nothing in.

The finish to the 3rd
The faces got the win with a crucufix pin. This wasn't that good. The heels didn't really do anything wrong, but Metalico's stuff didn't look good and Starman just didn't bring enough. The rudos needed something to bump for here and they never really got it. When you really have no highlights as a technico luchador, it says a lot. Disturbio and Signo did their parts though, but they didn't have much to work with.

Diamante, Hijo del Fantasma, Tritón vs Namajague, Shigeo Okumura, Virus

I think Triton got hurt off this


The finish

Virus got the win with the standing Texas Cloverleaf type hold above. This was really good. Namajague was so good here bumping big for everything. I loved him spearing Fantasma after his rebound into the ropes. I also loved Virus beating the crap out of Dina with the slaps above. This was so much fun and had something for whatever you like whether it is the flying, the bumping or the brawling.

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