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AEW Dynamite Episode 2 10/9/2019

AEW Dynamite Episode 2 10/9/2019
JR, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur are on commentary. It's great to have Tony and JR back and that's really the main reason I'm watching. Excalibur sounds like Reggie Miller.

As for the overall look of the promotion, I really think they need something to stick out. Their set-up doesn't have a distinct look and reminds me a lot of old Impact. 

Private Party vs The Young Bucks

The Bucks really look indy on TV and the pink just doesn't work for Private Party. I do like their entrance though. One of the Bucks is losing their hair which is a big problem with their douchey Rockers gimmick. The Bucks have no end to their flippy spots and probably did a million of them here. Cassidy is definitely the Michaels of the Private Party group and is a decent seller. PP did a cool hurricanrana while a Buck was on the top into a cutter and Marquin of PP did a real nice SSP off the top. PP got a surprise pin here, which no one saw coming at all. There's been a lot of discussion online whether it was the right call or not as the YB's are kind of one of the big names of AEW. I think it worked out well here and really got them over as a possible foes to the Bucks.
Special Needs Ortiz of the worst faction ever
Chris Jericho did an interview segment announcing his group is called "The Inner Cicle" and doing some other stuff. I think the Inner Circle is the most random mish-mash of people in a unit ever and if this was WWE doing it, they'd be ripped to shreds. They just have nothing in common. The one LAX member kept playing with tongue during the whole thing and came across as special ed.

#1 Contenders - Jimmy Havoc vs Darby Allin

Tell me both of these dudes couldn't be Jimmy Havoc.

I have a hard time telling who is who. Both of these people could easily be Jimmy Havoc. Allin wears booty shorts and leggings for some reason. Havoc is skinny Sami Callihan. Allin gets suplexed from the apron to the outside early and is release sleeperhold suplexed. He also gets double underhooked and dropped on his neck and I refuse to call it the Tiger Driver '98. The reason is because when you name a move with a year on it, the year has to be when the move was first done, which is not the case. Darbin gets curb stomped as well and then bites Havoc's fingers. Then he does his back elbow from the top and wins. Allin took too much and didn't get enough in before winning.

Emi Sakura and Bea Priestley vs Riho and Britt Baker

Emi needs to lose her gear. It looks awful and makes her look chubby. Britt and Rhea fight outside forever and should have been counted out, but the commentary crew said she is using discretion. I never liked Japanese style countout and DQ rules, because breaking the rules doesn't mean anything if everyone breaks them. AEW does picture-in-picture here during commercials and I'm not a fan. It's hard to watch either and it makes everything feel longer than it is because we are so used to getting breaks. This really wasn't special and was only noteworthy for Britt the Dentist using a mandible claw on Emi to win. We get a Britt/Bea fight after this and that match is not very appealing.

Chuck Taylor and Trent Baretta did an interview. We saw a video of them hugging in the park. They were asked how they are feeling and they said to ask Orange Cassidy who had his thumb up. We then cut to Shawn Spears for no reason.

Shawn Spears vs Jon Moxley

Spears is with Tully Blanchard. Moxley's tights don't work for me just as Spears' haircut doesn't work for me. Pac is on commentary. Tully puts his hands on Jon and JR brings up why the ref doesn't DQ him. They explain it away as "ref's discretion". Tully pushes Moxley into the steps. Spears puts Mox on his shoulder in a DVD position and then falls sideways into the barricades. They do picture-in-picture again which I found it hard to pay attention to. Spears a does a weak tope, goes to pose then gets tope'd. Moxley hit a nice lariat.  Mox pulls Spears into his head for a headbutt and I think it hurt him worse than Spears. Mox then won with a lifting double hunderhook DDT in what I thought wasn't anything special of a match.

Kenny Omega comes out after the match with a barbwire bat and broom. Him and Mox stand off and Omega throws him the bat. Pac then comes from behind and hits Omega with a running chair shot. Moxley isn't happy about it and ends up letting Omega go.

Dustin Rhodes and Hangman Adam Page vs Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho

IIRC last week, Page and Rhodes brawled with the inner circle which built this. Dustin looks like a giant here as everyone else is much smaller. Page does a cool reverse fallaway slam. Guevarra had Page up like a death valley driver on the 2nd rope then dropped him off on the top rope. Page and Guevara run the ropes and Page goes into it and hits a nice spinning lariat. Dustin then hits a nice lariat too. Dustin goes up top and does a turn around crossbody on his 2 opponents. Page moonsaults from the top to the bottom but the camera's miss most of it and then Hager(who is with Jericho and Guevara) runs him over with a lariat. Guevara distracts the ref and Hager lariats Dustin then Jericho hits the judas effect back elbow to win. It was just okay and wasn't anything special. There's just a lot of people with different styles that don't easily match.

Hager, Jerico and Guevara beat up Dustin then Page and Hager fight to the back. The lights go out and Cody Rhodes comes out and hits the cross rhodes on Guevara. LAX then come in and jump Cody. MJF, who is a heel, then comes in with a chair and beats up the other heels, turning face. Why? They said because he claimed to be best friends with Cody. Jericho codebreakers MJF though. The run-in's arent over though as the Bucks come in and super kick and tope LAX. Jericho poses with the belt and you think it ends there, but then Darby Allin comes in on a skateboard and jumps Jericho. He then hits him with a skateboard. Jericho yells saying Cody will pay and he'll get Darby next week.

Oh, but it doesn't end there. Jericho grabs the mic and says the Inner Circle is taking control, saying it's Darby's funeral.

Overall thoughts:
It was okay. Private Party getting the big win was the major highlight but I'm really not seeing the amazing show that everyone was hyping. I didn't think the wrestling was too special and they really don't have the non-wrestling stuff together yet. I also hope we are done with the overbooked endings with everyone coming out.

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