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AAA TV 10/16/1994

AAA TV 10/16/1994

I don't have too many pics and gifs from this one. It sucked.

Chicano Power, Ice Killer and Misterioso vs Lizmark, Lizmark Jr. and Volador

Ice Killer

A fan puts his hands on Ice Killer

ICE KILLER! The evil hockey goalie! Ice starts off at the bell with headbutts with his hockey mask on Jr. Actually, almost all of his offense is with the mask as he hits people in the stomach with it and does a flying headbutt to the chest with it. The announcer says something about Wayne Gretzky lol The rudos take the first with Chicano doing a fisherman's suplex on one of the Lizmark's. We come back with the ref holding Volador off from Misterioso and some brawling outside. The heels double armhold a Lizmark, then Chicano stands on top of Liz. Ice gets thrown into the crowd by a Lizmark. That's going to be 5 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct. Liz plancha's Misterioso from the top and we can't see it so great but Volador does a nice tope on Misterioso. The Lizamrk's then do a hurracanrana and a northern light's suplex on the rudos to get the 2nd fall. Lizmark gets some nice shots on the outside on Ice before the ref breaks it up. The heels try to double team Lizmark Jr. He grabs a leg on both and Ice tries to enzguiri him, but instead hits his partner. Volador and Ice screw up a tilt-a-whirl. Ice gets put down in the corner and begs for mercy as Volador comes at him, then Volador takes his mask!(though he does have one underneath) He runs around threatning everyone with it. The refs try to get the mask back, then Ice kicks Vol and hits him with it before getting it back. Misterioso grabs a fork and starts putting it in Volador's head. The duos all try to unmask a Lizmark and expose his face pretty good. The refs go out and Misterioso low blows Volador, then Lizmark does it to Misterioso and Chicano and the ref sees it and DQ's him. This wasn't any good and the ending was stupid. Just pretty weak brawling and little wrestling with tons of kicks to the upper thighs. The charm of Ice Killer also wears off pretty quick.

Eddie Guerrero, Konnan and Love Machine vs El Hijo Del Santo, Mascara Sagrada and Tinieblas Jr.

We got a US flag, a Konnan flag with the skull and crossbones on it and some kind of incense/smoker burner The rudos tease walking out. Then we get some major stalling. Konnan gorilla press slams Tin and the video cuts ahead to Konnan german suplexing Sagrada. Love Machine then does his frogsplash on Sagrada and it's a good one. He then top rope hurricanrana's Santo. Eddie lifts up Tin for a suplex then Konnan does a bad boot from the middle rope on him before chokeslamming Tin. Eddie tries to spear Santo in the corner but he moves and hits hard. Machine gets on Tin's shoulders and Sagrada dropkicks him from the top. Then Santo splashes Machine from the top and pins him. The tech's then gorilla press slam and splash Eddie to take the fall.

Machine jumps on Eddie on the mat to protect him and the tech's stomp him. Santo then kicks Eddie a bunch of times. Santo put Machine on his shoulders then rammed his neck into the turnbuckle. Tin hits a weak chairshot on Konnan on the outside. The chair gets brought in and Eddie gets hit with it, and there's no DQ. Eddie really sells the arm after getting hit with it and Santo really works it hard. He then grabs another chair and hits Eddie with it in clear view of the refs on the outside. Black Cat comes out and grabs Eddie out of there and Santo follows them. Cat then comes in and beats up Sagrada and we get more brawling. Cat is arrested or taken to the back and gets some drinks and popcorn thrown his way during the process as the soda flies. Machine comes in after all of this and does jumping jacks and Santo and Tin knock him down. Konnan then gets into it with a fan and Antonio Pena gets knocked down during it, then hit then gets hit with a beverage as well. Throughout this there is some kind of soft music which makes the whole thing more bizarre. I guess they sold the hatred between these teams well, but the brawling sucked and there was no wrestling here at all.

Overall thoughts: This show wasn't any good. it had very little wrestling or attention to the rules. If you want to see a bunch of bad strikes for an hour, this is for you.

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