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PURE-J 2nd Anniversary Show 8/11/2019

PURE-J 2nd Anniversary Show 8/11/2019

KAZUKI vs Kurea

Kurea gets knocked down with a shoulder early. They chainwrestle and roll around a little with Kaz rolling on a front facelock. Kurea tries an armbar but Kaz rolls on her and pins her for 2, then sits on her with a boston crab. Kaz then sits on her with a camel clutch facelock. Kurea fights back with some chest forearms but gets overpowered. Kaz stretches her with another crab and Kurea hits the ropes. We get a technical error and they rewind lol Kurea takes over with some shots to the chest but it goes nowhere as Kaz hits her with a knee. Kurea does a big sell for it flopping forward, then does it two more times. Kaz drops both knees on her stomach Kurea barely gets out. Kaz then drops the knee from the top and wins it. Kurea is definitely a big overdramatic, but atleast she sells. This was okay enough for a match with a rookie in it.

AKARI vs Kaori Yoneyama

Akari gets some chants and Yone is upset about it. They get on the mat briefly and stand off. Yone goes behind and armdrags her, then Akari returns it. Yone ties her up in the ropes and she doesn't try to get out, then Yone hits some super weak chest slaps. Akari sits on the top rope and Yone comes over then gets armbarred over it. Akari does a nice trip into a bridge for 2 then does a rack and choke like move on her knees. She then northern lights suplexes Yone for 2. Yone does a senton from the middle rope and wins it. It was very short but Akari looked good.

Jaguar Yokota vs Kaho Kobayashi vs Leon

Leon armdrags both and Kaho hits back armdrags on them. Jag and Kaho handshake on a deal then Kaho rolls her up as they throw Leon into the ropes. Then Leon does something similar to Jag. Leon tilt-a-whirl's Jag and Leon/Kaho fight over pins on Jag. Leon puts Jag in a half crab then Kaho jumps on her and puts her in an abdominal stretch. Leon and Kaho go at it a bit 1v1 and Leon does a nice spinning slam on her. Jag then ties both girls up and sits on both with a double arm hold which was cool. Jag rolls her legs hard onto a laying Leon. Kaho crossbodies both. Leon goes out of the ring hard and Jag hits a piledriver on Kaho. Kaho senton's Jag from the 2nd rope then Leon dropkicks Kaho as she splashes Jag. Kaho la magistral's both opponents for 2 then Jag does a rolling foot drop to both opponents. Leon does a great spear where she turns around Kaho and finishes her for the win. This was good and was a nice use of the 3 way match type instead of just one person laying out while 2 people fight it out.

Hiroyo Matsumoto and Rina Yamashita vs Manami Katsu and Mari Manji

Manji drops down and Matsumoto drops both knees on her back. I've seen Rina a million times and like her a lot yet still forget her name when I see it. The JWP girls pose on Rina on the ropes then double team her more. Hiroyo machine gun chops Katsu and gets a few good ones in there. Rina goes after Katsu who is in the corner and gets booted hard twice in the face. Hiroyo encourages it a 3rd time, and Rina throws her instead. Then Rina kicks her in the gut and tries to suplex her on Katsu, but Hiroyo does it to her instead. Katsu does a nice stunner on Hiroyo then superkicks her good. Manji and Hiroyo test each other with shoulder blocks and Hiroyo wins. Rina holds Manji on the ropes, but she moves and Hiroyo blasts her partner. Manji then does a spot where she hits consecutive russian leg sweeps. Rina runs fast and nails Manji in the corner hard with a lariat, then does a nasty yakuza on her as she is sitting down. Manji tries roll ups and then holds on as Rina kicks out. Rina gets put in a hold and goes to the ropes but Katsu kicks her legs off. Manji then does a standing stretch plum out of the abdominal stretch on Rina. Rina/Hiroyo go for a double suplex but the JWP girls reverse it and suplex them.

Katsu boots Rina in the face a few times and they trade hard chest shots. Then they start doing a test of lariats on each other and Rina wins it initially, then goes down the 2nd time, then wins Round 3. Hiroyo does a vader bomb knee on Katsu. Katsu does a reverse ddt + ddt combo and the JWP girls yakuza kick each girl on the ropes. Katsu does a nice diving elbow from the top. Katsu does double backhand slaps to Hiroyo and gets slow german'd. Hiroyo double backdrops both opponents. Rina blindsides Katsu with a strke and then Hiroyo lariats her hard. Then they sandwich lariat Katsu and Katsu takes a hard ligerbomb. Hiroyo then hits another hard lariat for 2 and a backdrop to win it. This was a great stiff match with tons of hard shots throughout. Everyone had their role here and Manji had one of her best performances to date.

Daily Sports Tag Team Titles - Makoto and Moeka Haruhi vs WANTED - KAZUKI and Rydeen Hagane

Kazuki is doing double duty here which is a problem with having small rosters. Moeka gets german'd and double knee'd to start then comes back with a double stomp. Moeka goes to the top and dives on WANTED outside then double stomp Kazuki from the top to the floor! She then runs the apron and stomps Rydeen's back. They brawl on the outside a little. Back in and Rydeen does a big splash on Moeka then another stomp. I appreciate the stomp's but Moeka is so thin it seems like it doesn't acually hurt. Makoto tries to do the spider on the ropes on Rydeen but she gets out. Makoto does a nice armdrag into a hammerlock combo on her. Makoto gets lifted up though then Rydeen trips and drops her into the ropes. Makoto does a handspring double knee to Rydeen and Rydeen gives her a nice powerslam. She then avalanches her in the corner. The heels try to double lariat Makoto, but she handsprings through it, then they catch Moeka off the top and throw her into Makoto. Next they stack them both on the ropes and knee through both.

Meka hits some good forearm strikes and Christo's Kazuki. Rydeen hits some nice lariats in the corner and Moeka sells them well. Moeka double stomps Rydeen from the middle rope twice. They fight on the top rope and Rydeen ends up hanging for Moeka to stomp her. Moeka then top rope footstomps her. Moeka's team tries to double lariat Rydeen, but she barrels through them. Rydeen catapult's her opponents into Kazuki's knees, then she crushes Moeka with a top rope splash. Rydeen hits a hard exploder on Moeka and then moonsaults her from the top. Makoto charges Rydeen in the corner and gets thrown to the floor, then Moeka hits a surprise hurricanrana to win in an upset. Pretty good match with WANTED like always looking awesome. Rydeen is just so good at what she does. Moeka also had a real good performance here. After the match, Rydeen stomps Moeka. 

Pure-J Openweight Title - Hanako Nakamori vs Chikayo Nagashima

Chik jumps Hanako at the bell. She hits her with her belt then chokes her with the streamers which I've never seen done before. Hanako takes her outside and bangs her head off the Korakuen sign and Chikayo returns the favor. Chikayo throws a chair at her, Hana catches it then gets booted with it. The brawling sounds cool, but trust me, it's been weak as they are blatantly blocking things with their hands and slapping stuff for sound effects. Chikayo armbars her overtop the ropes but lets go quick. Hanako goes for a top rope legdrop but misses and lands hard. Chikayo puts Hanako on a table then stomps her from the top rope. Hanako has a chair thrown at her and starts bleeding. Chikayo poses on the ropes with her bleeding then bites the wound. Then she yakuza kicks her multiple times. Chikayo top rope stomps her for 2. Hanako tries to mount a comeback but takes another chair to the face and an exploder. Chikayo gets release german'd then crucifix bombs Hanako. They yakuza kick each other then do it at the same time which was cool. Hanako hits a nice destiny hammer knee from the top for 2. Chik double stomps Hana from the top to the floor then hits her two kind of lame chair shots. Chik does a nice delayed fisherman's suplex to her. Hana swings a chair at Chik and misses then Chik tries to mist her but Hana block it with the chair! They trade nearfall roll-ups and Chik half-dragon suplexes her for two. Hanako wins it with something like a blue thunder and the ref delays the 3 kind of botching the count. This was good but it could have been better if they stiffed each other. It had all the pieces just they needed to whack each other good and it would have been better.

Overall thoughts: It was a good show. All of the main matches delivered and even the ones I didn't expect much out of were fine.

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