Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Lucha Round-up August/September 2019

CMLL 9/6/2019 - Titan, El Audaz and Soberano Jr. vs Virus, Hijo Del Villano III and Mecha Wolf

This is quite a combo of highflyers and that was definitely the case here. All 3 managed to fly but stick out in their own way. Audaz really knows how to work the rampway, and does a cool backflip over the ropes onto the ramp and also does a spot where he rolls into the top rope then comes out on the other side on his feet. Titan does his usual cool handstand spots and has one of the cooler color combo's out there with the shiny gold/blue. Mecha Wolf also stuck out here with the announcers really getting into his wolf schtick. V3, even though he is really there just because of his name, also was totally fine here and found a role. I don't know if I see the main event on his future, but he can probably be a serviceable midcarder. This was a good effort from everyone with everyone fulfilling their roles in front of a hot crowd.

CMLL 8/25/2019 - Black Panther, El Audaz, Rey Cometa vs Sagrado, Universo 2000 Jr., Vangellys

Rey Cometa was real good here as the insane highflyer. He has a costume where he kind of looks like an indian zombie and he just has a certain way of doing moves that makes him look crazy. He did a great flip into the 2nd and 3rd ropes to counter being thrown in and did a great corkscrew dive to the outside. Black Panther is starting to come into his own and is becoming quite beefy. The red and black gear looks cool on him too. He did a cool section of dragon screws to each of his opponents. Audaz took this one with a top rope dragonrana onto U2Jr., who is getting the shaft in his family as his cousins are main eventers, while he will likely never leave the midcard.

CMLL 9/17/2019 - Nueva Generación Dinamita -Sanson, Cuatero and Forastero vs Audaz, Soberano Jr. and Stuka Jr.

NGD! NGD!(Nueva Generación Dinamitas) My favorite act in wrestling right now and I usually watch most of their stuff.  One of them gets into a nice chop battle with Audaz and wins it. Audaz runs the ramp and does a springboard off the outside middle rope into an armdrag on the inside. NGD does a lot of triple teams like their spot where they held Stuka draped across the top rope then did stereo axehandles on him, and a triple running boot to the face. NGD held up Audaz with his stomach facing down and then one of them double stomped his back from the top. Near the end, Audaz went for his ramp hurricanrana on one of the NGD members, but they moved and he ended up nailing Stuka with it, which lead to the finish of Soberano taking their monkey flip > corner cannonball move for the NGD win. It wasn't the greatest as it was a little one sided, but I'm just glad to see them win.

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