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Ice Ribbon 9/14/2019

Ice Ribbon 9/14/2019

Banny Oikawa, Yoneyama, Rina Shingaki & Totoro vs. Kyuri, Maika Ozaki, Saori Anou & Tae Honma

This is clipped. Banny's team 4v1's Maika then poses on top of her. Yoneyama then gets it back as her opponents pose on her. Totoro sells a nice shoulder from Maika and then does a nice crossbody on her to stop her. Totoro sits on Maika and does a forward rolling samoan drop on her. Totoro goes to the top and gets slammed down by her opponents. Then they do a codebreaker > senton combo on her. Maika racks Totoro and then lariats her for 2. She then does a torture rack drop on Totoro to win it. This was too clipped up and had too many people involved to be anything great.

Riko Kawabata vs. Suzu Suzuki

Joined in progress here with them trading chest shots. Suzu bridges out of a lariat and then gets a 2 count on a pin. Riko tries to throw her from the top, but Suzu catches herself and rolls out. Riko 619's Suzu for 2. Riko northern lights her for 2 and then she gets slammed down hard from the top. Suzu traps her legs and gets a nearfall with a pin attempt. Suzu rolls through with a spear then finishes her with a german. This wasn't bad at all with some good wrestling.

3-way tag titles - Jun Kasai & Miyako Matsumoto (c) vs. Hideki Suzuki & Ram Kaicho vs. Jiro Kuroshio & Matsuya Uno

Ramu-chan is back! We are JIP'd here Jiro runs up the wall and gets to the balcony. It's not too high. He teases a moonsault but Miyako pushes him off and he barely saves himself. Then Miyako dives onto everyone. Bakc in the ring, Miyako accidentally dives on her partner and Jun hits her for it. Jun goes up top and Jiro pushes Miyako in the ropes, crotching him. Jun hits Miyako for it. Suzuki lifts up Ram on his shoulders then boots Kasai. He bends down and Miyako kicks him in the butt. She tries some kind of rainmaker, but Ramu on top bats her in the head then jumps off of Suzuki on her. Ram jumps back on Suzuki's shoulders, but he gets slapped and she goes down. Miyako gets a nearfall with a sitout double underhook. Jun gets some sticks and STICKS THEM IN MYAKO'S HEAD! Miyako is yelling like crazy and Uno hits a chop I think from the top to pin her. What they showed of this was fun and Miyako getting the sticks in her head was wild.

Kaho Kobayashi & Marcela vs. Makoto & Tsukushi
JIP'd as usual. Marcela Gory Special's Tsukushi. Tsukushi does a satellite headscissors then headflips up. We get a big cut in the action with Tsukushing hitting a crossbody from the top. Makoto tries a spear on Marcela and it barely phases her. Tsu then hits a top rope dropkick on Marcela. Marcela does a hard double knee drop on Tsu from the middle rope. Marcela hits a hard lariat on Tsu then Tsu does a body scissors from the middle rope and spins to pin Marcela. Only about half was shown here and I don't know why except that they had too many matches booked. They tease Marcela and Tsu going at it again after.

Aja Kong, Akane Fujita & Yoshiko vs. Himeka Arita, Hiragi Kurumi & Rina Yamashita

The finish
Random trios match. Fujita and Kurumi have random flag like things. They start using them as swords until they break. The have a GIANT TRAFFIC CONE. I have no idea why, but it's great. Rina goes to the top and puts it on herself then dives and hits nothing as Aja had moved. We cut to another part of the match. Some dude in the crowd in costume takes shots on Fujita. We get back to the ring and legos are on the mat. Aja tries to kick the legos out of the way and they do a 6 person suplex onto the legos. Fujita samoan drops Kuurumi on the legos. Fujita then goes to the ladder in the corner, but Arita shakes it. Kurumi goes up top and suplexes her off the ladder onto the legos for 2. Aja gets a trash can and nails her partner Fujita with it on accident. Rina backdrops Fujita on the ladder. Kurumit starts stacking chairs in the middle of the ring and does a version of the tombstone with the opponents legs crouched in for 2. Kurumi then does a big swanton for the win. This was fun for what they showed of it(6 of 22 minutes). Kurumi did nearly kill Fujita off the ladder suplex though.

Sareee vs Tsukasa Fujimoto

Tsu has a great robe with feather wings. She does not look excited at all to be here. Sareee turns down the handshake to start. Tsu kicks her in the back hard, Sareee elbows her hard back then gives her a kick too. They trade more back kicks and Tsu hits a hard one in her chest too. They both limbo out of pin attempts and Tsu drops her with a dropkick. Saree gives her some more hard shots and we cut to later in the match. Tsu ace crusher's her then poses on top for a 2 count. Sareee does a running roll up and Tsu flips out of it. Sareee then does it again and double stomps her. Tus puts her in the octopus stretch and Sareee walks her to the ropes. Tsu dropkicks her hard in the corner then does a second hard one to her chest near the 10 minute mark. They exchange some hard chest shots and chest dropkicks. Sareee then dropkicks her head and goes through the ropes then double stomps her from the top. Tsu crosses Sareee's arms and pulls back in a camel clutch, choking her with her arms. Tsu does a bad blockbuster on her from the top then runs up to the top rope only to be german suplexed. Sareee tries to release german her, but she lands on her feet and kicks her back. Tsu hits some hard penalty kicks to her chest and Sareee comes back with a release german. Tsu climbs her back and does a side crucifix bomb. Tsu and Sareee then flip kip-up and start trading chest shots. Saree grabs her arms and germans her then Tsu gets exploder suplexed.T su then tries for an ocean cyclone suplex but Sareee rolls her up for 2. Tsu does a hurricanrana but Sareee barely gets out. Sareee spin kicks her to the jaw for 2. Tsu enzugiri's her then does the side crucifix bomb for 2. She does it twice more but Sareee won't stay down. Tsu then hits an ocean cyclone suplex and wins it. They tease fighting after and Sareee interrupts her interview. Banny is caught walking down the stairs in the back and hightails it out lol Sareee and Tsu yell at each other. Great match. One of my favorites this year with lots of hard hits and few issues.

Tag Titles - Giulia & Tequila Saya (c) vs. Hamuko Hoshi & Ibuki Hoshi

The finish
They shake hands and the Hoshi's sneak attack them off of it. Saya and Giulia knock down Hoshi and pose over top of her. The Hoshi's put them in double boston crabs and they make the ropes. Rina yakuza kicks Ibuki hard in the face a few times. Then Ibuki kicks her in the face and does a discus elbow. Hamuko hits some lariats on Giulia and puts her weight into it. Saya and Ibuki trade shots, with Saya falling back to sell it. The Hoshi's sandwich Saya then Hamuko gets on Ibuki's back and they splash her. Giulia did some kind of End of Days where she slammed her opponent into the mat body first. Saya does a reverse pedigree twice. Saya goes up top and Hamuko throws her from the 2nd rope. Saya tried a crossbody by Hamuko blocked it with her fat which was awesome then attacked her with her body. Hamuko rolled on Saya and Ibuki did it too. The Hoshi's both missed top rope splashes then giulia hit a really complicated drop on Ibuki. Giulia then did a tombstone with one of Ibuki's hands tied up then Saya did a moonsault on Ibuki. Hamuko stopped the pin then Ibuki was double team facebustered/pedigreed, Saya did a flying back press on Ham and Ibuki rolled her body on Saya for 2. Giulia hit the Tequlia Shot on Ibuki for the win which is a rolling crucifix bomb. This was good. Not great or an epic, but this had some nice comesbacks, some good hard shots and a nice finishing sequence.

Maya Yukihi vs Risa Sera

They do some reversals early. Sera has Maya by the legs on the apron and tries to whip her into the rails but can't do it. Risa put her in a reverse rocking horse and dropped her. Risa then takes control for a bit. Maya finally gets something in and Risa back slams her on the apron. Maya returns with a body slam on the ramp. Maya puts a triangle choke on her and Risa tries to slam her but it takes forever and what they end up doing isn't that pretty. They trade some strikes and Maya hits some hard kicks to her side/back. Maya gets powerbombed into the lower turnbuckles. Risa then put her in a high boston crab but didn't really crank back on it. Maya hits a nasty knee through the ropes and then powers out after being cradle shocked. Maya slaps around Risa and high kicks her, dropping her. Risa comes back with some nice closed fists and then dives with her knees on her from the top. Maya then does a loud buzzsaw kick before doing a reverse triangle choke to her. Risa gets out and takes her to the top where she hits a top rope schwein. She tries for another double knees from the top but Maya moves. Maya gets a nearfall with some pendulum knees type of move and then tiger drivers her for 2. Maya hits a swanton from the top to win the match at 24:53 but she is so thin she just bounces off of her while Risa doesn't move an inch lol The match was too long and it never really was that exciting. It didn't feel special enough and they didn't have a bunch of nearfalls or a close finish.

Overall thoughts: The main didn't deliver, though it could have been worse. Overall it was a pretty good show with some good matches and something for everyone.

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