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CMLL on TV Mexiquense 9/29/2019

CMLL on TV Mexiquense 9/29/2019

Lightning Match - Stuka Jr vs Luciferno
The finish
Stuka sits Luci on the middle rope and kicks him in the gut. Luciferno goes into the ropes and makes it seem like he has a leg injury then kicks Stuka. A miraculous recovery! He and Stuka then go outside and Stuka goes over the rail. Luciferno then does a flip dive off the apron onto Stuka. They get back in the ring only for Luciferno to go out and get toped. Stuka gets popped up and powerbombed. Stuka hits two flipping neckbreakers in the row and takes Luciferno's mask with one of them, getting himself DQ'd. Don't get me wrong, this was stupid and defeats the whole purpose of a lightning match, but the finish was clever enough to where you didn't know if it was worked or shoot. Still a waste of time.

La Guerrera, Reina Isis, Silueta vs Amapola, La Infernal, La Seductora

Seductora gets put in a leg hold by Guerrera but just pulls on her hair. Silueta does a big flip in and Infernal lariats her. Silueta hits a good dropkick in the lower corner right in her face. Reina does a nice hurricanrana. Reina pretty much clears the rudas out on her own then beats Amapola with a codebreaker to take the fall. Guerrera walks the ropes and armdrags Seductora. Seductora gets hung up on the ropes then dropkicked in the rump. The rudas triple team the technicas and Seductora submits Silueta by doing an arm submission. Inferal ties up Guerrera's arm and leg and rolls with it to submit her to take the 2nd fall. The rudas 2v1 stomp on Guerrera. Amapola distracts Isis and Seductora kicks her in the butt. Reina headscissors Ama and Seductora. Ama double underhook sitout drops Isis and wins the match for the rudas. This was nothing special as you would expect.

Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Rey Cometa vs Dark Magic, Universo 2000 Jr., Vangellys

The finish
We are JIP here. Rey does a forward roll into a leg submission that is broken up. Rey gets stomped by all 3 opponents and Mije in the corner. Blue does his usual tilt-a-whirl's on all opponents then Black Panther comes in and rolls up Vang for the first fall win. U2J and Blue chop each others chests. Blue then walks up the ropes and armdrags U2J. He then sends Dark Magic flying. Vang comes in though and spin kicks him to stop it. Dark Magic then pins Black Panther with a spinebuster and starts posing. Blue tries to sunset flip U2J and he drops his knees on his shoulders to win the fall. Rey dives onto U2J and Vang and gets caught, but Blue clears them out. He then topes U2J on the outside. Rey does a nice tope con giro over the top. Blue drops a nice running elbow on Vang. Dark Magic hits la silla on Black Panther and Blue climbs U2J only to go to the floor. U2J then topes him. Vang catches Rey and does a really cool one armed northern lights like suplex on him to win. This was good for what it was.

Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón vs Ángel de Oro, Diamante Azul, Niebla Roja
(NOTE - The video was messed up for this so there won't be any gifs or pics)
Angel and Cuat go to the mat to start.  A brawl breaks out with everyone going at it in the ring. NGD hangs Azul on the ropes then double axehandle's him. Cuat submits Angel with his upside down bearhug in a lazy fall. NGD does their usual triple baseball slides on Angel. They all beat up on Roja and do the top rope footstomp on him while they hold him in the air. Then they triple stomp Azul. We get double spring board armdrags to send Fora and Cuat out then they get oped.  Azul hits a backbreaker and a weird type of kneeling crunching submission on Sanson to win the fall. Roja popped up one of NGD and kicked them in the gut. Azul and Cuat traded some blows. Sanson came at Azul while he had Cuat tied up and he slammed him. Then he overhead armdragged both Sanson and Cuat. NGD did their usual monkey flip move and then pinned all of their opponents to get the win. I thought Azul was good here but this was just wasn't anything too special as expected. I'd be so mad if I paid to go to these shows and got this kind of basic stuff.

Overall thoughts: This can be skipped like a lot of CMLL shows. This wasn't anything special and The Panther's tag match isn't worth going out of your way for.

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