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CMLL Guadalajara 9/24/2019

CMLL Guadalajara 9/24/2019

Esfinge, Flyer, Star Black vs Difunto, Okumura, Vangellys

We get some feeling out to start and some basic stuff. Difunto stretches out Esfinge and they chain wrestle. Flyer slides outside to chase Vang and gets beat down. Okumura hanging cutters Esfinge and pins him. Vang then pins Star Black with a fisherman's suplex. 2nd fall starts with them fighting outside. The technicos get beaten down for a lot of the fall and Esfinge does a flip dive with Star doing a tornillio to the outside. Flyer hits la magistral and wins the fall. In the 3rd, Esfinge takes over and does a springboard headscissors on Difunto. Flyer does an asai moonsault to Vang on the outside and Esfinge flapjacks Okumura to pin him. Esfinge then does a springboard splash on Difunto to win. This was just average, nothing too fancy but nothing bad. They had just enough time as well.

Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Titán vs Hechicero, Rey Bucanero, Terrible

We jump in with Rey working a version of the figure four on Roja. Rey then puts on a version of the octopus stretch on him and they get back out of the ring. Terrible stretches Titan, then Titan does multiple headflips and gets out of it.  Hechi puts Oro on his shoulders, spins him and then gets headscissor'd. Hechi then does his rolling leg hold where he splits both legs. They fight over the abdominal stretch and Oro takes the surfboard. Hechi puts him in an armlock, then goes over top of him and rolls him up for 2. He then does his spinning hammerlock and drops him on his knee to take the fall. Hechi and Titan fight on the ramp and Hechi hits Titan with a weak powerbomb on it. Oro sells his back and the heels work over it. Titan sells an awfully weak clothesline then the brothers armdrag and tope Rey and Hechi. Hechi and Terrible botch another move together and Titan finishes him with a springboard double stomp. To start the 3rd, Roja and Terrible go face to face. Hechi and Titan trade chest slaps. Titan limbos out of a Hechi clothesline and superkicks him. Then goes from out to in with a double stomp. Titan hits some bad chest slaps then pulls on Terrible's beard. Oro rolls up on Hechi and then does rotating headscissors and a moonsault from the 2nd turnbuckle. The heels hit some weak finishers and win the fall. This wasn't good. The work was weak and they just didn't seem to be on the same page.

Místico, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Cavernario, Cuatrero, Sansón

Why is Forastero not here? Who knows. CMLL is weird. Val and Cuat chain wrestle to start and then stand off. Volador gets beat up 3v1 by the heels for a while. Then Mistico gets 2v1'd and 3v1'd. Cav then hits a standing clutch suplex to pin Volador while Cuat does his upsidedown bearhug to Val to win. Mistico gets beat up in the front row by Cuat. Val gets gorilla pressed by both of NGD and slammed. Volador makes a come back with double back elbows to NGD and a tope onto Cav. The faces then pin and submit NGD to get the fall out of nowhere. Vola kicks Cav and he does the worm on the mat and is then headscissored. Vola and Cav got at it again and Cav pops him up and low blows him to lose right in front of the ref. A completely stupid finish that made no sense at all

Overall thoughts: Pretty lame episode here with no one doing anything special and the finish to the main just being dumb. Skip it.

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