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AAA on Televisa 8/31/2013

AAA on Televisa - 8/31/2013

Aerostar, Angelico and Jack Evans vs Machine Rocker, Pentagon Jr. and Soul Rocker

These were some crazy entrances. TWO people had fire, Pentagon spiked a kid's hat and Jack got kisses from a bunch of girls. Aero does a spingboard headscissors to Soul then gets John Woo'd by Penta. Aero gets his chest slapped by Penta and does the wildest sell you've ever seen for a slap. Aero then gets tossed up to the top rope, does a huge moonsault then a big satellite headscissors on Penta. Soul or Machine isn't looking and gets a 619 to the gut then Aero does a freaking crazy tope where he ends up in the 2nd row. Jack starts dancing and Penta ain't having it. They leapfrog and Jack rolls backwards then is stomped/dropkicked in the butt. Jack gets whipped into the turnbuckle, then jumps up top, 450's over Penta and comes back with a spin kick. Jack then backleg kicks him and hits another spin kick. He flips over the top on him, gets caught and powerbombed into the post. The heels take turns slapping Aero's chest then triple team Angelico. Penta runs up both teammate's backs then dropkicks Angelico in the corner. Jack then tests his luck 1v3 and gets stomped. One of the Rockers lariats Jack hard. Jack kicks both Rockers and turns over the top rope, then comes off with springboard blockbusters. Penta grabs Jack's leg. He flips out then does a weird flip kick and tags. Aero goes off the 2nd rope from inside and flips onto the outside on an opponent. Angelico overshoots his dive and Jack 450's onto Penta. A Rocker gets hung on the middle rope and Laredo does a stomp/dive on him, then gets a nasty driver done to him by Penta. Jack and Angelico kick Penta and Jack is suplexed and flipped onto Penta. A Rocker does a spinning powerbomb to Jack and another backcrackers Aero. Jack does a flying space tiger into a hurracanrana on a Rocker, then Aero does his back tope onto the other. Ang goes for the leg sweep on Penta then comes back with a high kick from the ground. Jack does a top rope hurricanrana to Penta and Ang razor edge's him into the buckles. Jack then wins it with a 630. This was super spotty and all highlight reel wrestling with little story or selling.

Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Silver King, Texano Jr.

The clowns get jumped to start during their entrance. All brawling early on with Psycho getting whipped with Texano's rope. Mini Clown got involved and got slammed down by Silver King. KeChanguito of kicked Murder clown in the nuts as he was held. The clowns made a comeback with Muder and Monster hitting spears. Their opponents were held on the ropes and Murder did a big splash on them. Mini Clown dropkicked KeChanguito. Then Texano got whipped. Texano and Psycho fought it out, exchanging chest slaps then Psycho hit the schwein on him. Monster took a big jerry bump to the outside and 2000 tope'd him. Psycho had the pin but King pulled the ref out, then took a big dive from Murder. Psycho powerbombed 2000 but the ref wasn't in the ring. 2000 brogue kick'd his own partner. The Clowns gorilla press'd 2000 then Psycho got a frogsplash in for the win. I thought Murder Clown was really good here but the match was by no means a masterpiece. It really had no rules at all but it still worked for what it did.

Overall thoughts: 50/50 here. There were cool highlights, but the actual wrestling wasn't that good.

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