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Stardom 5/26/2019

Stardom 5/26/2019

This is in Konami's hometown and is kind of a Konami show, so she gets to main event. This is the 3rd show in 2 days.

Konami introduces us to the show, saying they are in her home town of Fukuyama. She said she wants to get the win.

Leo Onozaki vs Saki Kashima
Promos: Leo said its her first time in Fukuyama. She said she fought Saki once before and wants her first victory against her. Saki said next month she will have her own homecoming show and wants to set the tone with a win.

Leo refuses to shake to start out. Saki flips out of an armlock and does her own. Saki takes over early with a slam and stomps. Leo and Saki trade shots. Saki double jumps off the ropes and facebusters her. Saki goes into the ropes and misses and takes a big forearm then a Leo cutter for 2. Saki comes back with a double underhook suplex and gets rolled up off a stomp. Saki does a double underhook sit out slam and wins it. This was a super quick squash here, but Leo got some stuff in atleast.

Saya Iida vs Andras Miyagi
Promos: Andras gets interrupted by a PA announcement and said it's gonna be a bad ending. Saya said she will win with the Iidabashi and won't lose(yeah right).

Andras tries to dropkick a camera man on the outside then yells into a camera. Andras keeps her jacket on and doesn't want to be patted down. They get on the mat to start and Andras clean breaks. Andras hits her with some hard punches and bullies her around. Andras argues with the ref and gets rolled up. Iida finally gets some offense in with dropkicks and puts Andras in a half crab. Iida comes off the ropes, Andras throws the ref in front of her and kicks her, but Iida then rolls her up. Saya then kind of pins herself and loses in a waste of time match.

Queen's Quest - Momo Watanabe and Bea Priestley vs STARS - Starlight Kid and Arisa Hoshiki
Promos: Kid says its their first time in Fukuyama. Kid said she will do her best not to get lost in all this talent. Momo said she's never been here either and wants to entertain.

QQ refuses the handshake. Kid does a hurricanrana on Bea early and gets slammed down after, before getting put in the camel clutch. Bea tears at her mask some and then Kid gets worked over and bullied by Momo. Momo catches kid and tries to slam her down, but Kid rolls herself around and armdrags her down, then gets Arisa in. Arisa cleans house, hitting the vader bomb double knees on Momo's back. Then she kicks Momo right in the back of the head and kick combos her body. Bea gets in and double jumps off the ropes to escape Arisa, then backdrops Arisa hard. She then highkicks her and clutch suplexes her. Arisa comes back with a brogue/bicycle knee then does her headkick off the top rope. We get a double hot tag and Momo dropkicks Kid in the corner, then uranage's her. Momo misses a double knee press, then gets set up and hit with the 619. Kid does her standing moonsault for 2. She lets the forearms fly on Momo's chest and everyone's in the ring. Kid does a tilt-a-whirl ddt on Momo then does her 180 splash. Kid then does a roll-up for a close nearfall. Bea hits a Saito suplex on Arisa and Kid takes double kicks and a Momo double knee press for 2. Momo high kicks and chickenwings her for the win. Fast paced fun match here. It didn't stop at all and was what it needed to be. 

Oedo Tai - Hazuki and Natsuko Tora vs Tokyo Cyber Squad - Hana Kimura and Jungle Kyona
 Promos: OT is hard to hear over music. Tora says she doesn't care about TCS and Hazuki said she wants to get the local food speciality after the match. Hana and Jungle said they should take turns saying good things about Konami with the loser having to make a face. Jungle loses when she says she has a fish face.

TCS has once again ditched the camo. Is it only for trios matches? OT throws TCS into chairs outside early. They try to throw TCS into each other on the outside, but TCS reverses it and OT collides. Hazuki takes a hard ride into the chairs and Tora gets beaten with a fan by Hana. Tora gets worked over by TCS as we get back in. Tora bites the ankle of Hana and spears her hard, then gets Hazuki in. Hazuki get the advantage on TCS and crossfacres Hana, which Jungle stops. Hana hits a big standing dropkick on Tora and then follows with another. Hana then stretches her with her usual octopus hold and keeps control of the match. Jungle gets in and knocks down Tora with shoulderblocks, and that feud has been pretty much forgotten. Hazuki gets back in and facewashes Jungle then michinoku drivers her for 2. Jungle takes back over by throwing her off the top then hits a sliding lariat on her. OT tries to double dropkick Jungle, but Jungle counters and double suplexes both of them. TCS hits double john woo style dropkicks on Hazuki and Jungle splashes her from the top for 2. Tora takes the advantage back by spearing both TCS members, then ends up nailing her partner with the OT sign. Jungle deadlifts Hazuki for a powerbomb, but Hazuki gets her to fall down then she rolls her up for the win. Totally random finish there but it is a good win for OT, who hasn't gotten a ton of wins lately. This wasn't anything special.

Hazuki says after the match that TCS has a lot of nerve saying they want to defend the trios titles against OT. Hazuki said they aren't even interested in them, but they want a shot at the tag titles instead. Hazuki mocks Utami on the outside and tells her to heal up so they can defend the titles. Hana got on the mic and blames Jungle for the loss. She said she doesn't care about OT and their next defense of the trios belts will be against Kagetsu, Andras and Sumire. Andras and Jungle have a stare down after.

I'm skipping the Konami vs Kagetsu main, atleast for now. It's over 30 minutes or so and I'm just not that interested in that.

Overall thoughts: While I didn't watch the main, the rest of the show wasn't anything too special and was skipable. 

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