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Stardom 5/25/2019 Night Show

Stardom 5/25/2019 Night Show

Saya Iida vs Natsuko Tora
Promos: Tora said she was trired and wants to end it quick. Iida says she wants to show Tora what she's learned from facing her many times.

Iida gets bullied early, having her head rammed into the buckle and having her face stepped on. More bullying by Tora followed. Tora rushed the corner but Iida moved. Iida then hit a bunch of dropkicks and forearms. She hit her backslide and the Iidabashi on Tora for 2 counts. Tora then went back on offense with a spear and won it with a frog splash, as if the ending was ever in doubt on this time filler.

Leo Onozaki vs Andras Miyagi
Promos: Andras has given up the no talking thing. She said Leo doesn't impress her and she will make an example of her. Leo said she scouted her during her earlier match with Kid and said she would use her brain for the win.

Leo gets jumped at the bell and sent outside. They go back in Leo takes some hard left hooks from Andras. Leo tries to fight back with shots of her own. Andras still has her OT jacket on at this point.  Leo hits some back elbows and gets a few nearfalls. Leo comes off the ropes and Andras throws the ref in front of her. Then she kicks her and wins with something like a chinlock/sleeper while she is on top of her in quick fashion. Another time filler squash that does nothing for anyone.

Queen's Quest - Momo Watanabe and Bea Priestley vs Oedo Tai - Kagetsu and Natsu Sumire
Promos: OT said they will do their best, not their half-assed best. Natsu said she is looking forward to this and has her shoulder taped. Momo said they were looking forward to this also.

Momo and Kag start it out on the mat then get out and do the usual stand off. Kag then knocks down Bea, while Natsu holds Momo. Kag runs up to Momo, stops then gut punches her. Natsu gets out the whip, but the ref and her fight over it. Natsu then grabs a fan, which the ref didn't get when checking for weapons I guess and hits Momo with it. Momo blocks Natsu's bronco buster and tags out. Bea puts Natsu in the rings of saturn before it is broken up. Kag and Bea go at it. Bea blocks her strike combo and kicks her, but then takes a kick and gives her one back. Momo gets back in and gets crossbody'd by Natsu off the top. Momo hits corner dropkicks on her and a bad uranage followed by a double knee press. Kag mists Momo in the corner with water and Momo gets double teamed by OT. Natsu hits the cuty special but Bea breaks it up. OT takes a double dropkick from Bea and Natsu kicks out of Momo's MK Ultra B-Driver. Natsu then gets tapped out to a crossface chickenwing by Momo. This didn't have enough time to be anything special here, especially for a tag match. This was easily the most predictable result as Momo could use a win and Natsu doesn't need one.

Tokyo Cyber Squad - Hana Kimura, Jungle Kyona and Konami vs STARS - Saki Kashima, Arisa Hoshiki and Starlight Kid
Promos: Stars is wearing stuff from Mayu and Tam, who aren't here. They said they will do their best in a bad promo. Hana calls Stars small fish, and they said they will win and fool around during the whole promo, even screwing up their own pose.

TCS are the reigning Artist of Stardom champs here and I'd expect them to win this. TCS are back to the camo after not wearing it earlier. Kid cartwheels out of a dropdown early and Jungle blocks her armdrag, slamming her down. Kid hits the satellite headscissors and Stars triple teams Jung. Kid gets her 619 blocked and is spin around in a slam position, knocking down her teammates. Jung then just drops her out of the ring. They fight outside with Hana tying Kid's mask to a pole on the outside. Stars comes to help and Kid trips going down the stairs trying to make the count. Hana blocks Kid from getting in but she finally slips in. Jung backbreakers Kid, jumping up and down. Konami and Kid exchange shots with Konami winning the exchange, but Kid recovers with a standing moonsault and a tag. Arisa gets the hot tag in and Stars lines up TCS on the ropes for triple dropkicks.

Arisa and Konami go at it, trading high kicks, with them kicking each other at the same time. Arisa then does a brogue knee and takes her down. Kid perfectplex's Hana for 2, then does a spinning neckbreaker on her. She hits her 180 splash for 2 and does a satellite headscissors into a pin. Hana stops it with a dropkick but Stars stops Hana's tag. Hana sideslams Saki for 2 and Saki comes back with a grounded choke on Hana. Hana deadlifts her and then suplexes her back. TCS double teams Saki and Hana hits a big missile dropkick on her for the win. I liked this one. Wasn't the best they could have done, but there wasn't anything too wrong with it.

 Stardom High Speed Title - Hazuki vs Death Yama-San
Promos: Death just does her pose. Hazuki said she has to be careful with her becaue she doesn't know her and she wants a successful defense.

They start off real fast with reversals and pin attempts before they do the stand off with Death's pose. They both try for super fast pin attempts but can't get it. They trade facelocks on the mat and Hazuki facewashes her out of the ring. She then does a nice tope on her through the ropes while TCS and OT battle on the outside. Hazuki tries to dive again but Death chairs her. Death hits a nice spin kick to her head and does a nice german on her for 2. Hazuki then la magistral's her out of nowhere and wins this short match. I did not see that ending, but definitely felt robbed by it, since this was such a limited show as is.

Hazuki got on mic after and said she was tired from her quick match, which was only 5:33. Hazuki said she expects to be paid more since it went longer than her usual 4 minutes. Haz said she was happy they had a title match and did the death pose. Death said she was disappointed and ran out the ring. Haz said it was her 7th defense with 8 defenses being the record. She called out any challengers and Saki came in. Saki said she want the Artist titles back and said she lost both matches today, saying she is worthless without Tam and Mayu. Haz agreed, which she didn't like. Saki then made the challenge. Haz said Saki lost today and called her stupid. She told her to build up her weak body and challenge her. Haz then said because she won, OT can close the show. They shilled tickets. OT said they are the best, and the worst, they are Oedo Tai to close the show.

Overall thoughts: Pretty lame show and lame day in general. Everything on both shows was rushed and nothing too major happened.

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