Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling - Girls Shining, I Will Fly To Sapporo! 5/6/2019

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling - Girls Shining, I Will Fly To Sapporo! 5/6/2019

Rika Tatsumi vs Himawari Unagi vs Raku

They all shake hands and are happy to start. They headlock each other and Raku and Unagi team up on Rika. Unagi goes for a pin then Raku tries to pin her. Unagi smothers Raku with her chest. Unagi gets totally lost when running to the ropes and pretty much exposes this before Rika trips her. Rika does some bad butt offense. Rika tries to form a partnership with Unagi and Rika cheers her slamming Raku. Then Rika just double crosses her and tries to steal a pin once she gets her out of the picture. Rika and Unagi try to double team then take Raku's chops. Raku does a sleep pose on both of them for a double pin attempt. Raku russian leg sweep's Rika. Rika hits a double bulldog on both then a butt bump and a stunner for the win. This was what you expected. Not real good or memorable.

NEO Biishiki-gun - Saki Akai and Misao vs Marika Kobashi and Miu Watanabe

Saki kicks away their handshakes to start. Saki stomps on Kobashi. Misao gets in and steps on Miu's back before stomping on it when running. The heels clear out the faces and Saki does her apron kick on Miu. Saki does more boot work on Miu in the corner, then slaps her with a rose. Misao works on Miyu's arm and then does some bad shots with her cane. She then chokes her with it right in front of the ref, who isn't going to do anything. Then the ref takes it away. Saki rolls over Miu and does a headscissors with her legs. Miu knocks down Saki with a shoulderblock. Saki takes over with a corner kick and a step kick. Saki then trips her withan STO and pulls off her glove, but gets caught in a choke. Miu gets in and gets some offense, blocking Saki's high kick. She then takes a big Saki yakuza kick. Misao crossface chicken wings Miu, then Miu takes a 2v1. Kobashi saves her with a double dropkick. The faces throw the heels into each other and Miu hits a wind-up chop. Misao then grabs the win with a sit out pedigree. This was just average with nothing much special to it.

SHINE Title - Miyu Yamashita vs Allysin Kay

Miyu wants a shake by Kay says no. They do some small stuff on each other and Kay stretches Miyu on the mat, until she turns it into an armbar. Miyu kicks her a few times. Kay does a rolling ankle lock and Miyu makes it to the ropes. Kay hits a brogue kick for 2 amd dumps Miyu over the top. She chops Miyu and throws her into the chairs. Miyu gets put on the ramp and kicked in the chest. Miyu then throws her into the chairs. Miyu gets thrown into the post. They get back in and push their heads together and they start trading strikes. Miyu maybe hits a highkick that puts down Kay, but it's hard to tell. Miyu then gets thrown with a backdrop. Miyu gets out of an MK Ultra then does an enzugiri. She does some kind of kick or knee in the corner that misses then slams Kay down. Miyu hits a high kick and then gets put in an ankle lock. Miyu gets out and spin kicks her, but she falls and probably does a better sell of it than her opponent does. Kay charges in and Miyu goes above her but then gets caught with an MK Ultra for 2. Kay takes a german on her head, takes a high kick, doesn't really sell either then wins it with a lariat. This wasn't long enough and wasn't real good. Miyu missed a lot of shots and Kay didn't bring a lot here. It really didn't get started until about 4 minutes until the end.

Princess of Princess Title - Shoko Nakajima vs Thunder Rosa

Shoko grabs a headlock to start and gets turned around into a surfboard stretch. Shoko gets seriously stretched with it. They do a cool and fast sequence that ends in an armdrag, and then hits another after. Shoko returns it with a pair of armdrags of her own. Shoko gets out of a throw in the corner then armdrags her out. Shoko follows and Rosa dropkicks her out. Rosa puts Shoko on a chair and cannonballs her, but lands on the ground and probably hurts herself worse. Shoko gets on a chair and hurracanrana's her into the post. She then dives on her. Shoko DDT's her for 2. Shoko tries some type of tarantula hold in the corner and misses. Shoko comes off the top and takes a hard dropkick. Rosa does some dumb uppercuts to her back and Shoko hurricanrana's her out again. Shoko takes a horrid death valley driver on the apron. Rosa bridges her on the ropes, hits some hard knees on her back then splashes down on her with knees. Rosa racks her and they botch some kind of armdrag from it, before Shoko hits double 619's. Rosa dropkicks on Shoko's back for a nearfall. Shoko then does a combo with a neckdrop for 2. She hits a snapmare driver then misses a senton and lands hard. Rosa does a buckingham drop, but Shoko catches the ropes for 2. Shoko hurricanrana's her from the top. Rosa hits a neckbreaker on her knee for 2. They botch a buckingham drop counter Shoko then wins with a senton from the top. This was mostly good, but the botches did hurt things. I did not think I would enjoy Shoko doing lucha as much as I did and these two were a good match for each other.

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