Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Thoughts on Stardom's Israeligate

Thoughts on Stardom's Israeligate

This whole situation has gotten completely out of hand to the point that I feel I needed to comment on it.

For those who may not know, an Israeli fan went to a Stardom show last week and chanted throughout the main event non-stop, which got on a lot of people's nerves, including Stardom's. The situation escalated when Stardom sent out this tweet:

The person doing it very clearly realized that this was directed at him, because you would have to be braindead not to, and responded accordingly. Naturally, this escalated the already over-escalated situation. Reddit and Twitter got involved. The guy is now being doxxed and attacked publicly, with people who don't like him trying to settle old scores with him and trying to get their own justice on him.

The whole situation could have been resolved easily. If Stardom had an issue with the fan's behavior, they should have had security go up to him at the show and ask him to stop. It would have ended it immediately and that would have been the end of it. They chose not to do this. So the next best option would have been just to ignore it. But they also didn't do that, and instead used this opportunity to address all non-Japanese wrestling fans, which I took personally. I don't know this guy. I'm not even from the same country as him yet Stardom is basically holding me accountable for his behavior. Holding the collective responsible for the individual is wrong.

Overall, this whole situation has been a mess and is a great reason why places like WWE have PR departments. This guy may have screwed up, but Stardom and the Internet Wrestling Community doused the flames in gasoline and made it worse.

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