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Stardom STARS Produce 5/3/2019

Stardom STARS Produce 5/3/2019

Rina vs Natsu Sumire
Natsu says Happy New Year. She said she's going to crush the youngster from the new era. Rina says she's gonna show everyone about Mini-Hana

Rina dropkicks Natsu to start it out. Natsu bites her and then puts the foot on her head while she's in the ropes and drinks water. She goes to spit the water and Jungle blocks it. TCS then does a 2v1 on Natsu in front of the ref and nothing happens. Rina chokes her with her foot in the corner but Natsu recovers and face kicks her. She goes for her bronco buster and misses. Rina does Hana's octopus hold on Natsu. Natsu gets near the ropes and Jungle tries to pull the ropes away. Natsu hits her bronco buster then suplexes her for 2. Rina gets a surprise roll-up for 2 and another one but can't put her away. Natsu facekicks her hard then wins it with the Northern Lights/Fisherman's Suplex Hold. This was just a squash for the most part but Rina did fine.

Ruaka vs Hannan
Ruaka says she will do her best. Hannan says she wants to win because she's better.

Hannan does a kip-up out of a headscissors early after they do some technical wrestling. Hannan does a cool judo throw and tries to get the armbar on, but Ruaka hits the ropes. Hannah then dropkicks the arm after tangling it in the rope. They trade some forearms to the chest and Hannan does two judo trips hard on Ruaka. Ruaka yakuza's her in the face. Hannan then hits a cool rolling leg bar into a pin for 2. Ruaka hits a reverse sto and then a crossbody for 2. Hannan goes for a flying armbar and loses the arm but then puts it on for the win. A really good showing for Hannan who looked legit here. Nothing wrong with this at all

Oedo Tai - Kagetsu, Hazuki, Andras Miyagi and Natsuko Tora vs Tokyo Cyber Squad - Hana Kimura, Konami, Jungle Kyona and Rebel Kel

Tora called TCS "Tokyo Cyber Something" and they said they will do their best. Hana said "yo what up" and they talked about their new t-shirt and that was it. Ya know, the point of promos is to get people interested in your match...

Jungle is now wearing orange camo pants and Konami is wearing silver camo pants. It turns out this is only for their entrance. OT's new entrance just ain't working for me. Yes, anything compared to the previous one was going to be a let down, but it needs something. OT rushes TCS to start and they go outside. Tora works on Jungle to start and Hazuki facewashes her. Andras stomps on her and Kagetsu spits water on her. OT tries to double suplex Jungle, but Jungle suplexes them both. Jungle and Tora have a nice forearm exchange. They then do a cool spot where they hit forearms at the same time then hit shoulders at the same time and both go down. Konami lights up Kagetsu with kicks and traps her leg. Everyone gets in and clears out. Kagetsu botches a rolling leg bar as she doesn't grab the leg. Konami hits a loud enzguri on Kag. Hana hits a full dropkick on Andras and then takes a move from each member of OT. Hana hits her octopus like usual, which is hard to tell if botched or not then hits a super nasty armbar(possible Triangle Lancer) on Andras. Andras dropkicks her. Hazuki and Kel get in and Kel destroys her with a knee to the face. Kel then kicks down Hazuki. Konami hits a nasty release german on her then Kel hits a falcon arrow on her for 2. Everyone gets in and Jungle clears them out with a double lariat. Hazuki counters a sit out face suplex and then la magistral's Kel. A whole lot of botching here and like a lot of these matches, it isn't what it really could have been, but does leave you still wanting more, similar to a tv match. Kind of a waste of a lot of the girls in the match.

Toni Storm vs Tam Nakano

Tam says little except "It's Tam Time". Toni says she's happy to be back and says it will be a long week of getting her head kicked in. She said, "It's Toni Time or whatever". Someone needs to declare "It's Promo Teaching Time", because these are low effort today.

Tam cartwheels through an armlock and puts her own on. They go to the mat. Toni offers her a hand and then puts Tam in a headlock. Tam takes a hard kick to the sternum. Tam does a bad running gamenigiri but a better cartwheel double knee. Toni headbutts Tam but the sound is really all thigh slap. Headbutts don't slap, they thud. Tam sells it well then hits a high kick. They trade some forearms and Tam superkicks her. Tam then crossbodies her from the top to the outside. Tam hits a desinty hammer for 2 and Toni does another thigh slapping heabdutt. Tam takes triple rolling germans but stays alive. Toni then does this indian deathlock that looks like it hurts her more than her opponent, which turns into an STF. Tam hits the ropes. She hits a nice spin kick but her german after falls apart. tToni does two bad lariats then hits a Tiger Driver '91 then wins with a short piledriver. Not a good one and honestly, Tam looked better here than Toni did.

Elimination Match - STARS - Arisa Hoshiki, Saki Kashima, Starlight Kid and Saya Iida vs Queen's Quest - Momo Watanabe, Hina, Leo Onozaki and Bea Priestley

Momo wasn't sure whether she had teamed with some of her team mmbers before and said they would do their best. STARS got new t-shirts and tracksuits and were happy. They said they'd do their best and had new theme music too.

Stars offers a handshake. QQ accepts and at the same time, they all toss them. Stars trues ti get rid of Iida as a team, but Stars catches her and they put QQ in quad submissions. Stars does a 4 person dropkick on Leo. Iida takes a train of offense in the corner. Iida and Hina and trade pins and Iida puts her away with her bridge pinning combo. Saki kind of misses a footstomp from the top on Leo to eliminate her. Momo drops Saki with an MK Ultra for 2 and Bea takes out two of stars with a dropkick. Saki tries to octopus Momo, but it immediately gets reverses into a pin and she is eliminated. Starlight does a standing moonsault onto two QQ members and Momo takes some shots from Arisa. Arisa and Momo kick each other and Momo dropkicks her in the corner hard. Momo and Arisa fight on the apron and both end up eliminated in a weird spot. Bea brogue kicks Iida hard, then they do a spot where Iida gets neckbreaker'd and DDT's her own partner. Iida takes a not fun cradle backdrop and gets eliminated. Kid and Bea get on the apron after Kid hurricanrana's her. Bea hangs on with one arm after a little sequence and Kid eliminates her to win. Big win for Kid who doesn't usually get that many wins. This was rough in spots, but the action never stopped for a second here, so it was enjoyable.

Costume Change Battle Royale
See the rules:
I always liked the idea of a wrestler being another wrestler, but its hard to try and explain in kayfabe. Maybe if it was for some big charity thing you could explain it, or you could just ignore it altogether as Stardom is and maybe no one will think about it.

Tora came out as Utami, and her dad from the Big Daddy reality show was played by Utami. Hannan came out as Jungle. Konami came out as Kagetsu. Saki Kashima came out Hazuki. Sumire came out as Saki and Saki beat her up immediately for it then pinned her. Hana came out as Andras and legit really fit the role. Iida came out as Konami and even did the "F-U-QQ" thing. Tam came out as Momo. Arisa did Bea. Leo did AZM. Iida was dying in the corner of laughter during this. Hina came out Natsuko Tora. Rina did Kaori Yoneyama. Hazuki did Ruaka. There's been like no wrestling at all during all of this btw. Andras did Hana. Ruaka did Leo. Jungle did Tam and was really cute as her. Kagetsu got Arisa and was NOT thrilled. Kid did Shiki Shibusawa and "Tam" was thrilled. Bea did Mayu. Mayu did Starlight Kid. Momo did Toni. Then the match actually began at 23 minutes in. Hana did Andras' headbanger thing. There was so much going on here with people dressed up as each other that I can't even keep heads or tails of it all to tell you. Kagetsu did a hilarious Arisa brazilian kick. Mayu did Kid's 619 and moonsault. Jungle did a funny Tam kick and her cute pin pose. Andras did Hana's 2 submission special on 2 girls. Andras got clearly eliminated and they ignored it, then Andras got eliminated for the 2nd time, but they counted it. Mayu as Kid got the win when "Hazuki" went for her springboard dropkick as was knocked out. Fake Stars did a promo after and Kid talked about how she technically won the main and hte semi main. I think they said Kid gets a title shot at the High Speed title for this. Everyone then posed together.

Overall thoughts: This was fine. There were a few more botches throughout the show than I would have liked and the main event was just for fun.

Some shots from after the show:

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