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Sendai Girls 1/6/2019

Sendai Girls 1/6/2019

I'm just doing selected matches here.

Ayame Sasamura vs Millie McKenzie
They go to the mat to start. Ayame gets a sleeper in and Millie turns it into a single leg crab. Ayame pounds on her somw with forearms and tries to armbar her but Millie slips out. Ayame rides on her and puts her shin down in her throat, then they do the usual stand off. Millie takes her back down to the mat, and pounds on her as she grabs the arm. They get back up and Millie does Cima's armdrag into a pin attempt. She goes up top and Ayame throws her off. Ayame then dropkicks her as she is on her knees. Ayame does a bronco buster type move on her in the corner and Millie comes back with forearms. She then flys at her with a euro uppercut and does a spinning neckbreaker. They trade forearms and Millie spears her good off the ropes. Ayame hits a big body slam on her then puts her in a sleeper. Millie gsts out and octopus stretches her, but Ayame fights out and puts on another sleeper. Millie hits the ropes to get out and they meet in the middle of the ring with Ayame getting an STO. Millie hits an a cutter then wins it with 2 germans. I liked the matwork part of the match and wish they had just stuck with it. Nothing was really bad about this and Millie looked good out there.

DASH Chisako vs Mei Hoshizuki
Mei tries a handshake to start, but Dash slaps it away. Mei then hits some dropkicks on her. They trade some forearms with Mei's not doing much to Dash. Dash dropkicks her through the ropes and chairs her right in front of the ref. Dash picks on her more and x-factor's her. Dash camel clutches her. Mei throws more weak forearms and gets slapped and kicked. Mei then ducks a forearm, then dropkicks Dash and flurries her with forearms. Dash returns the favor and slaps her, and then crabs her. Dash tries to german her but gets rolled up and then backslided for 2. Mei hits more dropkicks that Dash doesn't sell much until about the 10th one knocks her down. Dash missile dropkicks her from the top then dropkicks her for 2. Dash double stomps her, then does it from the second rope and the third rope for the win. Total waste of time squash.

Chihiro Hashimoto vs Sareee
They lock up and chain wrestle. They trade forearms and Saree does a springboard armdrag off the second rope, then they stare down. They fight over a german and Chihiro ends up on top of her with a side headlock. Sareee double stomps Chi on the back twice and indian deathlocks her, even pulling on the hair to do so. Chi drives her into the corner and they both catch each other coming off the ropes. Chi does her flipping senton and misses a 2nd one. Sareee kicks Chi in the back, but Chi catches a front kick. Sareee rolls through on Chi and double stomps her multiple times, then she dropkicks her on the bottom rope. She gets her out and double stomps her from the apron then from the table outside. they trade forearms outside and Sareee gets water wheel dropped on the floor. They get back in and Chi does a flipping senton from the second rope, but Sareee moves when she tries it from the top. She then double stomps her again and then does it from the top twice more. Sareee tries for a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, but Chi blocks it and slams her down, then lariats her. Sareee doesn't sell it though and Chi lariats her a few more times.

Chi then finally hits her top rope flipping senton and gets 2. Chi tries a deadlift german, but gets rolled up, then Sareee does another tilt-a-whirl headscissors into a pint attempt. Sareee hits a great german on Chi for 2. They trade forearms and Sareee slaps her. Chi returns it, then takes a flurry of slaps, but germans Sareee. Sareee gets speared for 2 and reverses a powerbomb for 2. Chi then reverses that. Chi hits a big powerbomb on her for 2. Sareee then hits her with a surprise exploder coming off the ropes, but Chi doesn't sell it much and germans her twice more to win. The match wasn't anything too special, and was short for what it should have been. Sareee also went a lot more even with Hash then she should have. It was still alright, but really not anything close to what they could have done here. I also really disliked the no selling at the end, since they really hadn't done enough to get there.

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