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SEAdLINNNG Golden Go! Go! 2019 5/2/2019

SEAdLINNNG Golden Go! Go! 2019 5/2/2019

I'll be doing selected matches here.

Maria vs Aoki Itsuki

The finish
Maria is a rookie from Marvelous. Maria gets some forearms strikes in early. Aoki tries to stop it, but she keeps pounding on. Aoki twists her hair then throws her. Aoki splashes her on the ropes then on the mat. She then camel clutches her. Aoki hits a good forearm to her chest and Maria gives her one back. She then downs Maria with another one. She tries for more and Maria rolls her up then starts dropkicking her. Maria tries more backslides but can only get two, then she hits a dropkick on her for another 2. Aoki double stomps Maria's back from the 2nd rope, then puts her in something like a cloverleaf for the win. Maria is really good and is going to be a star in the future. This was a decent performance out of Aoki as well and I liked this one.

Mei Hoshizuki vs Miyuki Takase vs Tsukushi

Mei is a rookie from Marvelous. Takase gets overpowered early and runs the ropes. Her opponents keep pushing her past though to make her run. Takase gets the upper hand and her opponents dropkick her. They continue to double team her Tsukushi and Takase argue with ref Natsuki Taiyo. Tsukushi slaps Takase hard and then they double dropkick Takase out. Tsukushi finally turns on Mei. Mei front flips out of a drop down, then armdrags and dropkicks Tsukushi. Mei puts on a boston crab then Takase gets on top of her andp uts her in a sleeper. Taiyo kicks off Takase for some reason then they argue and shoulderblock each other. Taiyo armdrags her and gets dropkicked by her. Tsukushi and Mei try to defend Taiyo. Takase charges up and tries to lariat her opponents in the corner, but nails Taiyo instead. Takase and Tsukushi exchange forearms, with Takase doing her usual forearm/slap combo. Tsukushi botches a figure four and both girls argue over who Mei should nail to stop the hold. Mei nails Tsukushi then hits Takase as well with good dropkicks. Mei goes for the pin and Taiyo fast counts it. Taiyo does another fast count for Mei for 2. Takase and Mei keep doing drop toe holds on each other. Taakse rolls through with Mei on her shoulders. Takase and Tsukushi trade forearms amd then Taiyo at the booth grabs one of the announcers. She then grabs a plastic hammer. Back to the match and Mei and Tsukushi grab each other by the hair Mei dropkicks Takase and Tsukushi dropkicks her through the ropes. Tsukushi does a cool roll up out of a gory special and wins it as Taiyo fast counts. Takase and Taiyo then go at it outside and Tsukushi stomps on Mei's hands. This was a weird one with the Taiyo stuff, in the ring and at the booth. This was a super fast paced match, perhaps too fast. If the workers weren't good, this would be a disaster, but I like all 3. Overall, a very odd match that left me puzzled. 🤷‍♂️

Amazon and Hiroyo Matsumoto vs Arisa Nakajima and Tsukasa Fujimoto

Amazon puts her hand on Tsukasa's head and she's too short to fire back, so she hits her in the stomach. Tsukasa tries to irish whip Amazon, but can't. Then they double dropkick her and Hiroyo. Arisa chops Amazon down with multiple strikes and Amazon just rag dolls her around. Hiroyo chops on Arisa and Amazon giant swings her, stops, then does it again. Arisa continues to get beat up by her opponents and finally tags back to Tsukasa. Tsu lights up Hiroyo with kicks to the back and Hiroyo lifts her up for a boston crab and she literally just hangs in mid air for a bit before going in. Arisa gets Hiroyo on the apron and tries to sunset flip bomb her to the floor, but Hiroyo hands on. Tsukasa dropkicks her own partner off the apron. Hiroyo then grabs Tsukasa and throws her over the top from her shoulders onto people on the floor. Hiroyo tries to charge at her opponents on an arena wall, but hits all wall. Then they chop her and bring her back in. Hiroyo puts Tsukasa on the middle rope then splashes her then Tsukasa puts an octopus hold on Amazon that she struggles to get locked on. Tsukasa hits some strikes on Amazon then her and Arisa dropkick Amazon. Amazon german's Arisa and Hiroyo gets back in. Hiroyo puts Arisa in a bad sharpshooter and then Hiroyo backdrops both of her opponents. The big girls double gorilla press Arisa and get close to dropping her on her face. Arisa and Hiroyo trade shots with Arisa getting some good ones in then Hiroyo kicks out of a hurricanrana for 2. Arisa triple german's Hiroyo. Hiroyo and Arisa trade shots on the top rope and Tsukasa pulls her down to hang off of it. Arisa DDT's Amazon on the apron and Tsukasa stomps down a hanging Hiroyo. Arisa then double stomps Hiroyo from the top. Arisa hits a mean spin kick to Hiroyo's chest and Amazon hammers Arisa on the top. Arisa and Tsukasa then try to double superplex Amazon, but Hiroyo double backdrops them both. Amazon then splashes on both. Arisa and Tsukasa get powerbombed at the same time and kick out at 2 at 19 minutes in. Hiroyo lariats down Arisa and Arisa then turns it into an arm stretch on the mat. Arisa goes for a moonsault and hits no one then Hiroyo sliding lariats her for 2. She lariats her again and Arisa almost pins her. Hiroyo takes a half and half suplex at the time limit for a draw. This was good, especially near the end, but they did do too much and didn't sell enough. The Arisa/Tsukasa team though is really hard to hate and I enjoyed the small girls vs the big girls. I think the bigger girls should have taken longer to get knocked off on their feet here and did the usual big vs small match, but I still liked what they put out here.

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