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SEAdLINNNG 2/28/2019

SEAdLINNNG 2/28/2019

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Arisa Nakajima vs Hiroe Nagahama

They do the usual armlock counters and escapes to start. They do some work on the mat. Arisa dropkicks her and kicks her in the back. They trade some nice forearms and Arisa drops her with a good one. Arisa kicks her hard in the face multiple times, really bullying her around. They trade more forearms. Arisa takes back over and bullies her some, then Hiroe comes back with dropkicks. Hiroe gets DDT'd on the apron and missile dropkicked. Arisa hits a head and double armbar hold and Hiroe comes back with a twisting crossbody. Hiroe tries something like a monkey flip backcracker that looks like it hurts her more than anything else, then she spears Arisa. She then backdrops her. Arisa hits another good shot and germans Hiroe 4 more times. She double stomps her from the top and spin kicks her to the face, then stomps her in the face. She spin kicks her in the face again and mule kicks her in the back of the head. Hiroe rolls through with a pin for 2 and eats a big yakuza kick for 2. Arisa then dragon suplexes her and wins it. This was an extended squash fro the most part. They didn't sell as much as they should have and this went a lot longer than it needed to, with more stuff than was needed. The work was stiff though.

Ryo Mizunami and Takumi Iroha vs Himeka Arita and Miyuki Takase

Arita and Takase attack at the handshake. Ryo and Iroha pose off, then Arita racks her own partner, throws her on the opponents and runs into them, putting Takase on top. Iroha works Takase's arm and then Ryo runs through Takase, before camel clutching her. Ryo then dropkicks Takase while she is in the clutch. Iroha kicks Takase and Takase challenges her to kick harder. Iroha hits more kicks to the back and really tries to pin her, but can't. Ryo does her machine gun chops on Takase and does her dumb tug of war taunt before lariating her hard. She calls Iroha in to do her tug of war taunt, and she does and then back elbows her at 5 minutes in. Takase and Ryo trade hard elbows. Arita gets in and gets 2v1'd, then lands a running knee on her. Ryo hits a nice running leg drop on Arita and hits combination forearms. Arita blocks one with a knee and nails a hard forearm of her own. Arita then takes her down with a nice high knee. Takase gets back in and chops on Ryo, then hits lariats as Ryo keeps her hands behind her back during it, refusing to go down. Takase lariats her in the face then takes a big lariat. Iroha hits some kicks on Takase and a dropkick to the face. Takase escapes a corner forearm then knocks Ryo off the apron. She gets a comeback and missile dropkicks Iroha thne does her second rope forearm. Ryo's team sandwiches Takase with shots. Takase hits her 2nd rope legdrop. Iroha hits a hard kick to the face. Ryo does a reverse DVD on Takase and then Iroha swanton's her, with Arita making the save. Iroha ends up getting lariated by Ryo and Takase hits a cradle shock and a lariat on Iroha. Iroha nails a hard forearm on Takase and then puts the choke on, which gets broken up. Iroha last ride's Takase for 2 and hits a hard forearm, then she does a running razor's edge on Takase for the win. Good match here with tons of energy and hard shots all around. Takase really got the crap beaten out of her and everyone got to shine here.

Hiroyo Matsumoto and Yoshiko vs Sae and Yuina

Sae starts off with hard shots on Hiroyo and gets knocked down. Hiroyo knee presses Sae on the mat. Hiroyo clears out her opponents with hard lariats. Yoshiko throws Sae and does a hard facewash on her. They then stick Sae in the ropes and push her with their feet. Yoshiko stomps on Sae hard, then combos her and senton's her. Hiroyo squashes Sae against the ropes and slaps her. They trade more slaps and Hiroyo knocks Yuina off the apron hard. Yoshiko throws out Yuina hard as Sae and Yuina go at it. Yuina finally gets in and hits Hiroyo with many dropkicks to no effect at 5 minutes. Hiroyo takes face kicks from Sae and does a wind up forearm on her. Yuina and Sae double team Hiroyo but Yoshiko runs through them with lariats. Yoshiko hits a senton from the 2nd rope on her and Hiroyo vader bombs Yuina with both knees, then backdrops her for the win. This was all squash which was a shame since Sae and Yuina don't make tape that much and it would have been nice to see them. Both Hiroyo and Yoshiko looked strong here though and even Sae looked good.

Nanae Takahashi vs Yuna Mizumori

They charge at each other to start and trade forearms. Yuna squashes Nanae with a splash and 2 more in the corner. Yuna blocks Nane's punches and does her hand rolling pose with them. Nanae lariats Yuna down and then stretches her. Yuna fights back against Nanae with weak forearm chest strikes and takes much harder ones in return. Nanae sits on her with a half crab. Nanae machine gun chops her and lariats her in the corner. Yuna ducks under Nanae and knocks her down with a cross chop to the throat. Yuna tries some kind of backdrop and gets a no-hands pedigree, then crossfaced. Nanae charges at Yuna and Yuna backdrops her over the ropes. Yuna butt splashes her and then crabs her at 10 minutes. Yuna does a handstand senton which was real cool. Yuna hits some big girl kicks on Nanae then gets sideslammed after hitting bad elbows to the back. Nanae clotheslines her from the top, hitting her in the head. Yuna hits a big standing dropkick on her and plants her in the corner. She charges in and rams the turnbuckle which the announcers laughed at. Nanae clotheslined her and got sent over the top again. Yuna dropkicks her from the apron and that is not a good looking spot, which you basically are just powerbombing yourself to the floor. She then crabs Nanae on the floor. Nane gets dropkicked when she tries to get in but Yuna can't keep her out. Nane pounds on Yuna's chest on the mat. Yuna splashes her but Nanae won't stay down. Yuna tries a spinning kick but Nanae ducks and combos her. Yuna hits a bad spin kick to the mid-section then she runs at the turnbuckle and pushes off to splash Nanae again. Taiyo on commentary laughs at it. They trade nearfalls and Yuna gets superplexed. Nanae hits a big lariat for 2 then a crappier one for another 2. Nanae splashes her from the top and finally wins it. This was good and I was interested in it. Yuna is still green and needs some new offense, but she has good energy and made this a lot more fun than it would have been with someone else. She did a good job here as the sympathetic energetic face and I liked it.

Overall thoughts: This was a lot of older vets squashing younger girls. Despite that it was still a good show and the younger girls showed a lot of energy. I enjoyed the show.

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